2019 is Here, Which Means That IHG Rewards Club is Devaluing Again

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Even though IHG Rewards Club doesn’t offer a traditional award chart (or a full list of hotels in each “category”), every IHG hotel does offer a fixed year-round price when spending points on an award night. And it’s pretty standard for most hotel chains to anually adjust the number of points they charge for award nights.  IHG has typically done this in early January with little advance warning.

A list of upcoming award price changes has been leaked by IHG Rewards Club. These changes will take place on 14 January, 2019.

As long as you book before 14 January, current award pricing will apply. Make any cancellations or changes after the 14th and the new, updated pricing will apply (even if you just want to drop a night or adjust dates slightly).

Here is the full list of hotels that will be seeing changes implemented soon. Click here.

Although everybody has their own travel patterns and hotel preferences, the news really does not look good at all. A quick glance at British hotels shows that none of the hotels listed will cost fewer points going forward, and a substantial number will cost 5,000 points extra. In fact, a brief skim through the entire list suggests that 90-95% of the hotels listed are increasing in price.

One consolation is that the 70,000 points per night maximum appears to be maintained, so you don’t have to look for the Intercontinental Park Lane, etc.

It’s no particular surprise to me that the ultimate impact of lucrative promotions is charging more for award nights. i.e. a textbook devaluation.

But if you collect IHG Rewards Club points, you definitely want to check out the list and make your award bookings this week…

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  1. Gabrielle says

    Hi there

    I am planning a visit to Italy.

    Are any of the hotels in Italy being devalued because there are non on the above list?



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