SPG Member? Check Here to See Whether You Have Been Targetted for an Exclusive Offer

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Starwood Preferred Guest doesn’t seem to publicise some of their best promotions, because they are individually targeted. This would be fine I suppose… except SPG often neglects to inform the targeted member too! I couldn’t say whether that is due to SPG incompetence or the communication settings of each member – but it does mean that it is worth checking regularly to see whether you are able to sign up, even if you didn’t receive an email.

The latest version of SPG’s “exclusive offer” appears to be open to more SPG members than perhaps is usual. My account was targeted with Double Stay / Night Credit for elite status purposes. 🙂

Other accounts have reportedly been offered bonus points for a certain number of SPG stays…

You can check yourself by clicking here to reach the “exclusive offer” webpage.

If you happen to be so lucky as to receive the same Double Elite-Qualifying Credit as me, you might want to note some restrictions:

  • Only paid stays count, NOT award or Cash & Points stays
  • Bonus nights don’t count for SPG Lifetime status purposes
  • Members upgraded to elite status solely as a result of the bonus credit will not have a year of elite status count toward SPG Lifetime qualification (i.e. you must still meet the standard criteria – excluding any bonus credit – to have your year count for lifetime purposes)

I’m not too fussed about the lifetime status restriction since “life time” probably refers to the life of Starwood Preferred Guest, which is nearing the end (and I haven’t been Platinum sufficient years to qualify) Think I’m wrong? Just ask a BMI Lifetime Gold member how that worked out for them…

Please post in the comments section if your account was targetted for an exclusive offer…


  1. rob says

    Eligible only one that recently i’m gold due to Amex Platinum but my wife’s account is not eligible

      • Roger says

        I have doube offer (I think as below)

        You’re all set to earn double elite-qualifying credit on eligible stays and nights between February 1, 2018, and April 30, 2018.*


        What are the benefits? No stays planed as such, I do not think this is mattress run worthy is it?

        • Craig Sowerby says

          It depends on whether you value Platinum status and aren’t quite sure how to get there otherwise. It’s certainly worth shifting some paid stays to SPG if you can…

          Mattress running in London can get expensive, unless you can manage 2,000 point BRGs at the Heathrow Sheratons or the Aloft Excel. (plus the 500 point weekend bonus from the current promo)

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