How to extend Hilton Diamond Status without a single stay

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Hilton‘s top-tier Diamond status offers some serious benefits like guaranteed executive lounge access, complimentary breakfast and upgrades, late check-out, etc.

As part of last year’s enhancements, Hilton Honors introduced a new feature: Diamond members can now extend their status for one year without a single stay. You can only extend your Diamond status this way once in the lifetime of an account though and there are some additional criteria you have to meet too.

To be eligible, you need to fulfil these criteria:

  • Current Diamond status
  • Three total years at Diamond status (years do not have to be consecutive).
  • At least 250 nights (paid or reward) OR 500,000+ earned Base Points since joining Hilton Honors.

Simply fill in this form here by 28 March 2018 to request your status extension. If you are eligible, your account will be updated within 5 business days. Your Diamond status will then valid until 29 March 2019.

Bottom line

We love free status promotions at InsideFlyer. If your travel pattern does not permit Diamond re-qualification in any one year, this is a fantastic promotion. Bear in mind that you can only request this status extension once per account though.

Full Ts&Cs

A Diamond Status Extension will be awarded to select Hilton Honors members, who are current Diamond members and have earned Diamond Status for at least 3 years (consecutive or non-consecutive) and who have completed stays totaling at least 250 paid and reward nights OR who are current Diamond members and have earned Diamond Status for at least 3 years (consecutive or non-consecutive) and who have earned at least 500,000 Base Points over life of membership, pursuant to the standard Hilton Honors Terms & Conditions.

To be eligible, a Hilton Honors member must meet the stated criteria and currently be a Diamond Member. Points earned via bonuses, promotions and/or co-branded credit cards do not count towards meeting the Diamond Status Extension criteria. Qualifying Hilton Honors Members may enact this benefit once throughout the lifetime of their membership. If a Member elects to use this offer, their Diamond status will extend for an additional year beyond when it would have otherwise expired. Once a Member elects to use this one-time offer and the extension is applied to their account, this action is considered final and is not reversible. At the end of the extension time period, Hilton Honors members will need to complete the requirements to maintain Diamond status pursuant to the standard Hilton Honors Terms & Conditions. If Diamond requirements are not met, Hilton Honors members will be placed in the appropriate tier pursuant to the standard Hilton Honors Terms & Conditions. Once earned, standard Hilton Honors Terms & Conditions apply.


  1. Adam says

    Great article, I’m sure a lot of people didn’t know this!

    Yesterday I received the email that I’m about to be downgraded from my recent Diamond status match of which I didn’t make the requirements to hold diamond. Expecting to be downgraded to just a member I was pleasantly surprised to only be downgraded to Gold.
    Thanks Hilton! ?

    • Craig Sowerby says

      Title is interesting… 😉

      As is the post. There’s only a short window of opportunity each year for soon-to-be-former-Diamonds to request the status extension, so the reminder is worthwhile.

      Shame you can’t really find out how many nights you have without contacting Hilton…

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