57 Partners Leave Tesco Clubcard + Transfers to RedSpottedHanky Now (Re)-DEVALUED!

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The ongoing saga revolving around the recent changes to Tesco Clubcard continues to get weirder. First there was the overnight changes, which were subsequently rowed back on. Then, ShopperPoints highlighted that 57 partners are set to leave Tesco Clubcard as transfer option entirely (or have already left).

Today, InsideFlyer reader ‘Akkers’ let us know in the comments that train ticket booking site RedSpottedHanky has been devalued back to being a 2x transfer partner, when it was only just upgraded to 3x last week.

Tesco Clubcard Vouchers

What are the 57 partners that are going to leave Tesco Clubcard?

With thanks again to ShopperPoints, here’s the full list:




Home & Essentials

Eating Out

What is going on with RedSpottedHanky?

Honestly, we aren’t entirely sure yet.

What we can say for certain is that last week you could get £1.50 of RedSpottedHanky credit for every 50p of Clubcard vouchers (3x face value):

and now, it’s back to £10 of RedSpottedHanky credit for £5 of Clubcard vouchers (2 x face value):

Whether this is a deliberate and long term change back, or a temporary blip, remains to be seen.

In the meantime, keep a close eye out for any other unannounced changes!

Bottom line

I’ve been quite positive about the changes overall, but there is no doubt that the way in which they have been introduced has been terrible. Is a bit of clear communication and some advance warning really too much to ask for?

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