Advent Calendar Day 5: Win 2,500 Norwegian Reward CashPoints (Worth ~ £225)

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Courtesy of our good friends at Norwegian Reward – the loyalty programme of Norwegian Air – today’s Advent Calendar prize is a rather jolly 2,500 CashPoints. Each CashPoint is worth 1 Norwegian Krone when booking Norwegian flights, so at current exchange rates, 2,500 is worth about £225!

Remember that Norwegian now flies direct from the UK to dozens of European airports, 13 destinations in North America, and even as far afield as Singapore and Buenos Aires!

With transatlantic flights available from just £55.60 one way, £225 worth of CashPoints could take you a lot further than you might think.

Entering couldn’t really be easier – all you need to do is click on the Advent Calendar window to enter the daily draw, and then enter your email address.

The rules

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People who have already signed up to the newsletter can still participate, but everyone needs to enter for each daily drawwhich you can do here.


  1. Scott says

    With regards to Norwegian , i’m looking to fly Gatwick to New York in November 2018 , but at the moment tickets are only available up until October 2018 . Any idea when these november dates will be released ? i’m hoping to get the lowest possible fare !

    • Joe Deeney says

      Unfortunately I’m not sure when they will be loading the schedule for next winter yet. The good news is that the cheap fares are usually available for a while (and sometimes even go down if there’s a sale on), so I’d recommend keeping an eye on it, but wouldn’t worry too much about checking every day like for some Avios award routes!

      • Craig Sowerby says

        +1. You’re much more likely to get a bargain when a fare sale comes along (and BA et al match it) than booking 11 months in advance. (the only people who book that far in advance are miles junkies and people with no-flexibility – weddings, etc.)

        November is also low season, unless you are trying to go over there just after US Thanksgiving. So no rush to book in my opinion.

        • Scott says

          Interested in what you mean by ‘BA et al match it’ , are BA likely to price match a Norwegian Air price quote ?

          • Craig Sowerby says

            I suppose that “match” is a poor choice of words. Sorry.

            But if Norwegian promote a specific fare sale for a limited time, you will often find that other airlines will drop their prices in unison. The advantage of London-New York is that there are several airlines to choose from. So just be patient and wait for news of a good sale.

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