Quick and Easy 1,000 Free Marriott Points (TODAY ONLY!)

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Yes it’s 6pm on Sunday, so Marriott Rewards is once again offering another 1,000 FREE Marriott Points in exchange for a few seconds on Twitter.

All you have to do is reply to this Marriott Rewards tweet with the correct answer (16) and include #RewardsPoints in your tweet:


The offer is now live but expires overnight, so if you want the Points, go and claim them now!

This is just the latest installment of Marriott’s current social media blitz – and the Points really are beginning to stack up. For all the details, check out Craig’s post from last month.

Bottom line

1,000 free Marriott Rewards Points for 30 seconds ‘work’ is a great deal!

How many free Marriott Rewards Points have you managed to collect so far this year?


  1. Jonathan says

    Ive got 7750 points already this year through this twitter NFL programme – Thank you so much!

    Do you know how many more weeks this is expected to continue for?

    Finally do they only run these incentives through Twitter, I never saw nothing on Facebook, and I Use facebook more than twitter.

  2. Pangolin says

    Interesting that what you get for simply replying to a tweet is double the Platinum welcome bonus! (and even quadruple what some MR brands offer)

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