Club Carlson is Offering a 100% Bonus on Purchased Points

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For a very limited time – until tomorrow 28 November, 2017 – Club Carlson is offering a 100% bonus when buying Gold Points. This is the highest bonus I can recall seeing from Club Carlson.

Club Carlson has a very low annual limit when selling points – 40,000 per year – so this bonus makes that 80,000 points. But, helpfully, this 100% bonus applies to all purchases, large or small.

Does it Make Sense?

If you spend $280 (£210) on 80,000 points, your per-point cost becomes 0.26p.

Although Club Carlson is definitely not my favourite hotel chain, a standard room at a top end hotel costs 70,000 points per night. When you make a comparison with the cash cost of a night at a hotel such as the May Fair, you could spend £183.75  buying 70,000 Club Carlson points, or you could spend a whole lot more…


And, at the lower end, if you should happen to require an award Category 1 property, buying those 9,000 points will only cost you £23.63.


Given the relatively low annual limit, you aren’t going to pay for a long holiday by buying points today. But if you need a small top-up, you should definitely take advantage of this Cyber Monday promotion and buy points with the highest bonus I’ve seen.

You can jump straight to Club Carlson’s “buy points” page by clicking here.

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