Why you must ALWAYS book Hilton reward stays via the Hilton app

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For some time now, Hilton have been offering a bonus 500 Honors points if you book your stay via the Hilton app.

hilton app

While you should quite probably avoid booking via the app if you are making a paid stay, for reward stays it is absolutely the option you should be using.  It is a rebate of 500 points on your points spend for the stay!

Reward stays obviously do not come with cashback, nor do they (as a general rule) earn you any Honors points. So, this is a useful opportunity to claw back some of that points spend.

As you can see from the above, I recently stayed at the Hampton Warsaw Airport. The room cost was 10k Honors points a night, but I got the 500 points rebate, which reduced it to 9500 points (or 5% off).

With Hilton redemptions available for as low as 5,000 points, simply booking via the app can be as much as a 10% rebate on your stay! Indeed, book via the app and a night at the opulent Hilton Salalah Resort is just 4500 points…

How long is the 500 bonus points offer running for?

The offer certainly lasts for all booking made until the end of 2017. Whether it continues beyond then, we are not sure.

How to get the Hilton app

You can download the Hilton app for iOS (Apple) here, or for Android here.

Any other benefits of the Hilton app?

Yes. Just because we don’t recommend booking for paid stays with the Hilton app (but definitely DO BOOK for reward stays), it’s still a great tool for all stays.

The Hilton app remains usable, and relevant, before and throughout your stay. Indeed, you can use it to:

  • Check in, choose your exact room and request extras to it
  • Unlock your door
  • Contact the hotel staff
  • Provide stay feedback and access hotel receipts from any Hilton hotel or resort

And, of course, get 500 points back on those reward stays.


  1. Craig Sowerby says

    I’m not sure whether I’ve seen confirmation that Points & Money earns cashback though, to add some nuance to the equation.

    But otherwise the 500 app points do come in handy for full reward stays, especially one-nighters.

    Has anybody tried making multiple, consecutive one-night reward stays to try to get 500 points per night?

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