Airbnb issues? Get £18.90 off Owners Direct bookings

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Craig and Joe recently had an epic falling out over Airbnb. While their relationship struggles to get back on its feet, I thought it worth flagging an alternative that I’ve used to good effect in the past.

What is Owners Direct?

Part of the Homeaway network (owned by Expedia), Owners Direct is a similar concept to airbnb, although it’s been around a fair bit longer.

Unlike Airbnb, however, Owners Direct listings are more heavily focused towards more traditional holiday let options (although this is admittedly becoming less the case as it competes with Airbnb). As such, you’re more likely to find apartments on the Costa Del Sol on it than you are narrowboats in High Wycombe.

I booked a Marbella apartment last year in June with Owners Direct, and (not least with the cashback we flag below) it was substantially cheaper than any hotel offering.

What’s the deal?

The good news is we have a nice little deal for you. Book on Owners Direct via TopCashback, and you’ll get a generous £18.90 cashback.

Given that there’s a multitude of great value options on Owners Direct, this really does allow you to snare a bargain.

Example: 2 bed Marbella apartment at £54.10

By way of random example, this 4 person, 2 bed Marbella apartment with sea views averages at £73 a night, so you’d be getting a night for as little as £54.10 (or even less, depending on the season).

As you can see from the above, you’ll also get £52.50 cashback with TopCashback if you list a property with Owners Direct. 


  1. Mark says

    Hi there.

    This cashback has not working correctly on Topcashback for quite sometime.

    What is happening is that if you go and make a booking via the Ownersdirect link, it tracks as a Homeaway booking.

    What does this mean?

    Basically Homeaway bought out Ownersdirect many moons ago and apart from a few name changes, the same properties on Ownersdirect also appear on Homeaway using the same platform.

    So therefore if your expecting an £18.90 cashback this does not happen, because as I mentioned before the purchase not only will track as a Homeway purchase, but you will only currently get a 2.1% cashback (Homeway current promotion) and thus not the £18.90.

    You would only get the £18.90 from making a purchase on Ownerdirect, if also Homeaway had the same promotion. Which sometime they do.

    At present to earn the equivalent of £18.90 you would need to make a reservation of £900.00 on either Ownersdirect or Homeaway!!

    So if your booking a £200 long weekend somewhere that would be a total cashback of only £4.20

    Your then faced with making a claim with Topcashback which I did and its still not resolved after 4 months!!

    If someone can get in contact with Topcashback and tell them about this gremlin please do.

    You have been warned….

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