More Ultra-Cheap Flights to/from the USA (£43.10!) in the Norwegian Air Autumn Sale

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The Norwegian Air Autumn Sale launched this week, offering more fantastic fares.

You can see the one-way fares from Gatwick below:

The return legs start at £79.90, meaning you can get to Boston and back for a smidge under £210, for example:

You can actually do even better than that if you depart from Edinburgh, Belfast, Dublin or Shannon rather than London Gatwick.

As you can see above, you can fly Belfast to Boston and back for ~ £163 total.

If you just want to fly one-way back to Edinburgh, you can find some simply staggering fares, like £43.10 from New York (Stewart Airport)!!!

You could of course, use Avios/Miles for the outbound flight if you don’t want to ‘slum’ it both ways.

What is Norwegian like?

I’ve flown to the US with Norwegian on both the Boeing 787 (which fly to/from Gatwick) and the Boeing 737 (which fly to/from Edinburgh and Belfast), and overall I’ve been quite impressed. The planes are new, the crews are friendly and I haven’t experienced any significant delays. The 787s have decent entertainment systems too (the 737s have no seatback entertainment or sockets, so make sure you bring your own and charge your electronics before the flight!).

Obviously you have to bear in mind it’s a low-cost carrier, which means you have to pay extra for food & drinks, checked baggage, etc.

As long as the overall cost of flying Norwegian is cheaper than flying BA/AA/etc, I’m perfectly happy to do so. My top tip would be to spend some of the money you’re saving by flying Norwegian on an exit row seat for the extra legroom – it’s only £20 on some flights and can make a big difference.

Bottom line

£43.10 for a transatlantic flight… I’m not sure what else to say!

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