Earn 250 Bonus Avios for Each Partner You Collect With (Targeted?)

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Avios.com has announced an interesting promotion that will run between now and 17 October, 2017. You can earn 250 bonus Avios for every different partner used.

Edit / Update: This promotion might be targeted. A similar promotion from a couple of months back ended up being targeted

Considering the number of earning partners on Avios.com, you could really make the bonus Avios add up…

There are some terms and conditions to be aware of.

  • You can only earn one 250 Avios bonus per partner
  • All flights are classified as one partner (i.e. only one flight will count)
  • All Avios EStore options are classified as one partner (i.e. only one online shop will count)
  • The partner transaction must have credited to your Avios.com account before 17 October.


Here is the full list of T&Cs…

1. Collect Avios with any partner by 17 October 2017 to be eligible for a 250 Avios bonus per collection partner.
2. Only one bonus award will apply per collection partner, regardless of the number of transactions with each partner collected with.
3. Avios collected through a partner must be shown in your Avios account by 17 October 2017 in order to qualify for the bonus Avios award. Avios Awards through collection partners will be subject to the individual partner terms and conditions.
4. All flight partners are classed as one partner regardless of airline. You will need to have booked, travelled and Avios to have been awarded by 17 October 2017 to qualify for the 250 bonus Avios.
5. For Hotel partners, you will need to have booked, stayed and Avios to have been awarded by 17 October 2017 to qualify for the 250 bonus Avios.
6. All Avios eStore partners are classed as one partner. E.g. If you have collected via Avios eStore with John Lewis and then purchase with another retailer in the promotional period via Avios eStore you will not qualify for two bonuses.
7. Only one bonus award of 250 Avios will apply for a household account per collection partner.
8. Exclusions apply. The following collection partners are exempt from this promotion;
Member Get Member (MGM)
Shell Drivers’ Club
Avios awarded for refer a friend
Tesco Automatic Opt in
Combine my Avios transactions
9. All standard Avios collected will be awarded as per the individual Partner terms and conditions.
10. Bonus Avios will be awarded in a separate transaction within 35 days of 17 October 2017.
11. Please refer to the missing Avios process on www.avios.com for any Avios not received.


What a fun little promotion, with no apparent cap on the number of bonus Avios you can accumulate. How many partners do you think you can manage?


  1. Andrew H says

    Could do with a list of the maximum number of partners you can earnwith. I’ve a feeling IF Uk have done such an article before.

    Who are the ones you already earn avios with by making a purchase – is it No 1 Lounges?

  2. DreamingOfTokyo says

    It’s a shame all estore retailers are classed as one parter because I could really have gone to town on the shopping! Still, 250 Avios isn’t bad, it all adds up. Thanks for posting!

  3. Andrew H says

    I’d recommend choosing Hilton for the E-Store purchase as it stacks nicely with the 2000 avios bonus at Hilton, the 8 avios per pound spent through the E-Store, and the double/triple dip at Hilton.

    • Craig Sowerby says

      True, but there are only a handful of days left for some of those Hilton promos. You also need to be careful with hotel stays because your stay needs to be far enough in advance of 17 October so that the E-store transaction credits fully.

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