How I got a £68 Airbnb Discount Off My First 2 Rentals (and You Can Too!)

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Getting a chunky Airbnb discount off your first two stays is very simple. I recently had a couple of great stays in Italy and France using the offers below, so thought I’d share my experience of how it all works in practice.

Get £30 Airbnb Discount

Getting an Airbnb discount off your first stay couldn’t really be simpler – all you have to do is sign up here and you’ll receive £30 off your first booking of £55+ (I also get a credit – so thanks!).

You can see the credit in your account, ready to use, as soon as you sign up.

Before you book anything though, make sure you follow the instructions below to get an additional £38 off your second booking.

Bonus £38 Airbnb Discount (for existing members too!)

Airbnb is keen to get more business travellers to use the site and is offering an incentive to new and existing users in order to encourage more people to try it.

Head to this page here, scroll down until you see the image below and click “Get Started”.

Airbnb Discount

Add your work / business email address (Gmail, Yahoo, etc, won’t work) and you’ll be sent an email you need to click a link in to verify.

Once you’ve done that, you can just search for accommodation as normal (or add yourself as a travel planner too if it’s your own business) and when you make a booking, select “business travel” as the primary purpose of your trip on the booking screen (as below):

Airbnb Discount

In my case, the day after I made my booking, I received the following email:

Airbnb Discount

The exact amount you get in British Pounds can vary due to currency fluctuation (it’s always equivalent to $50 USD), so it was £39 for me but is now £38.

I should also point out that to get the credit, your first stay must cost at least ~£59 (again it’ s actually $75, so the exact amount fluctuates depending on the exchange rate), and to use the credit your next stay must also be at least ~£59 ($75).


Sign up here and get £30 off your first booking, but don’t book anything yet.

Instead, go to this page here and enter your work / business email address. When booking, make sure you select that the trip is primarily for business reasons and you will receive a £38 Airbnb discount code by email, to use on your next booking (so long as the stay was ~£59+).

In other words, you can potentially discount both of your first two stays by over 50%!

Why you might want to consider Airbnb even if there wasn’t a discount

We spend a lot of time here at InsideFlyer writing about hotel loyalty programmes and how to make the most of them (the benefits can be amazing!), but sometimes renting a place makes a lot more sense.

Airbnb Discount

Two of my most recent trips were to Lucca in Italy and to Nice in France. In Lucca there aren’t any chain hotels (or many hotels at all really) and I was travelling with two friends, which meant we would have needed two rooms. By far the best value option (cost, quality and location) was renting a great 2-bedroom apartment just inside the city walls.

In Nice, I wanted to be near the old town by the port ideally, and hotel options were essentially non-existent. I managed to find a lovely little loft apartment with views, in the perfect location, for less than the airport Park Inn – without even factoring the £39 discount I had received after the stay in Lucca.

Airbnb Discount

If I’m staying somewhere for more than a few days, with an odd number of people, or where location is particularly important, I’ll always prefer getting a villa, house or apartment to a hotel room. The sheer scale of Airbnb these days means it can be very helpful when it comes to finding the perfect place.

Bottom line

Getting an Airbnb discount of £68, in total, off your first two booking is quick and easy.

If you don’t have a business email address (and can’t borrow one…), at least you can still get £30 off your first booking, in order to give Airbnb a try and see what you think for yourself.

I think the site could be made a little easier to use actually, but apart from that I’m a fan and will continue to check out Airbnb whenever I’m looking for something different to a hotel.


  1. Pangolin says

    If you have an Amex card then, depending on your available offers, you might be able to get 2% cashback on Airbnb bookings also.

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