Can bored InsideFlyer readers win £20,000?

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Although we don’t tend to feature it quite as frequently as TopCashback, cashback website Quidco can offer equally (and occasionally more) competitive cashback rates.

As such, it’s well worth joining and comparing cashback rates with TCB.

quidco sign up bonus

It’s also currently running an interesting promo via a game called “Brave The Wave”…

Brave The Wave is basically a slightly rubbish (although just a little bit fun) surfing game, where you have to dodge a few obstacles to ride to the end of a wave. For those of you of my vintage, it reminded me slightly of the wonderful California Games:

quidco sign up bonus

Anyway, I digress. Sign up to Quidco and play the game just once, successfully (it’s really easy), and you’ll be entered into a draw to win £5,000. (The game is accessible via the banner at the bottom of the page – it’s pretty obvious.)

But why do I have to be bored?

Well, this is the interesting bit. While you only ever get 1 entry to the grand prize, it does seem that the other prizes (ranging from £50 to 50p) can be played for an unlimited number of times. Indeed, once you’ve finished, and checked if you’ve won, it encourages you to have another go for some cash!

quidco sign up bonus

That means, if you have some time on your hands you need to kill, there’s nothing to stop you having multiple goes at winning a prize.

The “instant win” prizes are as follows:

quidco sign up bonus

There’s a total of £15k in instant win prizes available, plus the grand prize of £5k. So go on – give it a go. I’d love it if a few of us managed to bag a cash prize by surfing away the afternoon.

The promo runs until the end of 26 July, 2017. Full terms and conditions are available here.

EDIT: Persistence pays off! After about 20 or so successful surfs, I bagged myself 50p…

quidco sign up bonus


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