Big Miles Savings Available with the Latest Flying Blue Promo Awards

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Each month Air France/KLM‘s loyalty programme ‘Flying Blue’ releases new Promo Awards. These are redemptions you can make exclusively online and allow you to save up to 50% off the standard Miles requirement.

Awards are available for Economy, Premium Economy and Business Class, with the current round offering dates for travel between September 1 and October 31, 2017 for most destinations (Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary and Panama City are between October 1 – October 31). 

For this month’s destinations you have until 31st July to book, although availability is naturally limited:


Flying Blue Promo Awards Europe

North America

Flying Blue Promo Awards North America

South and Central America

Flying Blue Promo Awards Central South America

Caribbean / Indian Ocean

Flying Blue Promo Awards Caribean


Flying Blue Promo Awards Africa

Middle East

Flying Blue Promo Awards Asia Middle East


Unfortunately, yes

Economy redemptions get hit by surcharges of about £50 in each direction which isn’t necessarily too bad, although with cheap convenient flights from Norwegian etc these days, the value is unlikely to be great.

Business Class redemptions attract surcharges of about ~£180 each way, which is pretty nasty. If you can find a Promo Award where the Miles are heavily discounted though, there is still potentially decent value to be had compared to paying cash or using Avios.

Bottom line

You can transfer American Express Membership Rewards Points to Flying Blue at a 1:1 rate, so building a balance isn’t too tricky.

Flying Blue isn’t one of my favourite airline programmes, but it does have some interesting advantages and the Promo Awards are always worth a quick look in case there’s 50% off somewhere you really want to go!

Terms & Conditions

  • Reservations can only be made on the website  or  (excluding INF bookings and bookings of minors who can not book awards on the website).
  • In the event of technical problems during booking flights at promotional rate or if the reservation can not be completed, the Flying Blue member must re-log in to the website and repeat the procedure.
  • This award ticket can be used for connecting flights within Europe and for European flights and connecting to or after long-haul flights.
  • These promotional Promo Awards can not be changed, canceled or refunded.
  • Promo Awards are available for some flights and return flights.
  • The “Flex Award” option is not included in the Promo Awards offer.
  • Promo Awards are limited.


    • Joe Deeney says

      Nope – all sorts of starting points available (although the destinations/availability can vary a bit)

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