Easy miles: 240 free Avios

topcashback sign up bonus new sign-ups

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We’ve sung the praises of TopCashback so regularly that I don’t intend to do it again in any great detail (although read here if you’re not yet convinced).

topcashback sign up bonus new sign-ups

While I almost always regard TopCashback’s offering as “free money” (i.e. you were going to buy the item in question anyway, so the cashback it an absolute bonus), sometimes it actually just offers you free money.

The current example is via confused.com. Simply get one car insurance quote, and they’ll pay you £2.30 in cashback for doing so.

As you may well know, you can cash out your cashback with TCB to Avios, with a 5% bonus. So, that £2.30 will get you 241 Avios. Not quite enough to get you to St Lucia in First, but a step of the way there.

Not a member yet?

If you’re new to TopCashback, sign up through our exclusive link and get 1,050 bonus Avios for spending £10 at any retailer on the site – in addition to any standard cashback you would receive.

If cash is more your thing, new sign ups to TopCashback who register via this link will get £10 cash for spending £10 or more at any merchant on the site.

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