£10 Hard Cash (or 1050 Avios) When You Sign Up to TopCashback

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For some time now, we’ve been promoting an exclusive tie-up with the excellent TopCashback, offering 1050 Avios to new sign-ups who spend £10 at any retailer on the site.

cashback bonus

Joining TopCashback really is a guaranteed money-saver. In giving you bonus cashback on your travel (and other) spend, TopCashback is a great way to reduce the cost of your flights and hotels.

The New Offer – Cash

While we generally like them, we fully appreciate that, for whatever reason, Avios are not for everyone. With that in mind, we’ve come up with a new bonus that should be universally appealing.

New sign ups to TopCashback who register via this link will get £10 cash, in addition to the cashback they receive, when they spend £10 or more at any merchant on the TCB site.

So, to be clear, if you sign up via our link and spend £10 at a retailer, you’ll get whatever cashback that retailer offers, plus your money back. 

With a number of cashback offers on travel retailers, this gives you a great opportunity to reduce the cost of a flight or hotel.

On a more general level, it allows you to buy anything at any retailer on TCB, and get cashback plus £10 for doing so. Sorry to go a bit MoneySavingExpert on you but, for example, if you sign up, click through to Toys R Us and buy the LEGO Batman Movie The Joker Balloon Escape for £11.99, you’ll get 34p cashback (3.45%) plus £10 bonus cashback, meaning the set will cost you a grand total of £1.65.

Keeping things travel-related, clearly £10 plus the standard cashback is going to get you a nice chunk off a flight or hotel room at any of the many travel-related retailers featured on TCB: most of them are on there.

Do I Want the £10 Cash or the Avios? I’m Confused

Don’t worry. If, having earned the £10 bonus you decide that you actually need Avios, you can still cash the £10 out to Avios, with a 5% bonus – that will net you 1050 Avios, so you’ve not missed out.

Already a TCB Member?

We full appreciate that, having urged you to join TopCashback for the last year or so, many of our readers are already members and so cannot benefit from the sign-up bonus. With that in mind we are working very hard with TCB to come up with a suitable sweetener for loyal members. Developments are ongoing here…

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