Access To 1000 Airport Lounges Globally for Below £10 A Visit (+ Earn 1875 Avios)

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There is an exhausting number of Black Friday travel deals out there right now. In fact, head to your favourite online retailer right now and you can be pretty much guaranteed their website screams “Black Friday offers”. Pretty amazing given that us Brits hadn’t even heard of it until, what, 3 years ago?


Anyway I digress somewhat. The point of this post is to point out the “stackability” of three Black Friday offers that combine to get you a superb deal – namely 10 airport lounge visits at £10 a time, plus 1875 Avios. If you value those 1875 Avios at around 1 pence each, that’s effectively 10 lounge visits at £8.50 a pop.

Here’s how to do it…

1 Sign up to TopCashback via our special link

Sign up to UK cashback site TopCashback via this link, and you will get 1875 Avios when you spend £10+ at any retailer on the site. That is going to happen, per the below.


2 Click through to Priority Pass on TopCashback for 13% cashback

TopCashback is currently offering 13% cashback on purchases of Priority pass.


3 Buy the Standard Plus Priority Pass membership

The Standard Plus membership is currently “Black Fridayed” (until Friday 2 December) from £159 to £119. With 13% cashback that’s £103.53 (the discount will apply automatically when you click through to Priority Pass from TopCashback, you don’t need a Priority Pass discount code this time).


The Priority Pass Standard Plus membership gives you 10 “free” lounge visits, and is £15 a time thereafter, so you’re paying £10.35 a visit, plus you will get the Avios outlined above.

If you prefer, this offer also includes Priority Pass prestige at £194 (down from £259). With 13% cashback, that’s a very attractive £168.78, plus you’ll get the 1875 Avios too. If you’re a heavy lounge user such that the maths works out better for you with this package, it could be an absolute steal. Factoring in the Avios at a 1 pence value, just 20 uses in a year would be a per-visit cost of £7.50.

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  1. Lee says

    Just seems like u guys are just plugging topcashback in every other deal .

    Most readers are already members of this so to keep mentioning as part of every deal just doesnt make sense

    • Joe Deeney says

      Hi Lee,

      I completely agree that most regular readers probably already have TopCashback (TCB) accounts, and I would love to see something more for existing members too (and am actively lobbying TCB about this!).

      As regards IF generally, we just try to flag the best deals we know of at any particular time (hence why last week seemed to be ‘Hilton Week’ much of the time etc), and we really do think the current TCB sign-up offers are great (if you know of any better please let us know and we’ll run those instead!).

      I don’t think we’re biased (and certainly hope we’re not!) having run a Quidco (TCB competitor) promotion in the last few days, and we really do work hard to always write about what the best value for readers is, regardless of what we are offered in return.

      As (I think) we’ve mentioned before, we would actually be considerably better off using different links for TCB, but those links don’t provide the highest level of bonus for readers and therefore we avoid them.

      Many IF readers are regulars (and we really love that!), but it can also be quite surprising how many people end up finding particular IF articles via Google or whatever, and we want to make sure they get the best deal possible too. Quite a significant proportion of new readers don’t have TCB accounts, and so when they can get an additional bonus by signing up, we do try to remember to point that out.

      That’s usually an afterthought or bonus though, rather than the reason for posting an article. For instance, the article above shows everyone how to get 10 lounge visits for £10.35 per visit (which if you normally have a couple of drinks and a snack before flying is a very good deal) – and new TCB members how to get a decent chunk of Avios on top.

      We definitely think that cashback sites are a fantastic way for everyone to save money on (or for) travelling – and again, the article above shows how TCB can save everyone 13% whether you’re new to TCB or not. It would seem a bit remiss not to also point out that new TCB members can get some extra Avios on top.

    • Tom Sumner says

      Hi Lee – always grateful for feedback/comments.

      As Joe says, we’re simply reflecting the available deals. TopCashback offered us a 1250 Avios bonus, then a 1850 Avios bonus, then a £15 cashback on travel spend bonus.

      The TopCashback sign-up bonus reference on the Priority Pass deal was an aside really: it’s a good deal without it, but it would have felt wrong mentioning a TCB-driven deal without mentioning the sign-up bonus too.

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