£40.00 ($50.00) Off Any 2-Night Hotel Booking! (UPDATE – Now Requires $200 Minimum Spend)

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(UPDATE: Club1 have introduced a new condition that your 2-night+ booking must now total $200+ in order to get the credit. This condition was not mentioned anywhere when the offer was first launched, so if you’ve already booked I would strongly recommend standing your ground and insisting they pay the credit as advertised at the time you made the booking. It remains an excellent deal regardless!)

Club1 Hotels, the ‘wholesale’ hotel booking site already have some great prices and they’ve now sweetened the deal even further by offering a ~£40.00 ($50.00) credit when you book a stay of 2 or more nights by Sunday, 30th October 2016.

We’ve written quite a lot about Club1 Hotels recently – but to recap: Club1 essentially allows you to book hotels at the wholesale price, which is often substantially cheaper than the rates you will find anywhere else online. Membership has been free while the site has been undergoing beta testing, but that’s changing soon, so if you haven’t signed up yet now is a good time – you can do so here.

To get the $50.00, all you have to do is simply book any 2+ night stay and the $50 booking credit will be “automatically applied towards your credit card and notified within 8-hours after the booking is confirmed”.

Are the deals any good?


I’ve been looking at some hotels in Boston for early next year, and Club1’s prices are genuinely excellent.

Two nights at the Hyatt Regency Boston Harbour would be £193.00 booking through the usual channels.hyatt-boston

With Club1, I can get exactly the same room for ~£177.00 ($215.26),  and if I booked before the end of the weekend I’d get £40.00 ($50.00) credited back to my card too!


The same 2 nights at the Hilton Boston Back Bay would be ~£197.00 ($238.54) through Club1


or a hugely more expensive £298.00 ($361.38) booking direct with the Hilton HHonors discount rate!


When you factor the $50.00 back, Club1 works out at almost half price!


  1. Rob Rixon says

    That’s really spooky. I’ve just signed up for this and noticed the $50 redemption in the confirmation e-mail I received. When I went through the registration process, I noticed that it said that the Club1 complimentary offer was only available until the 31st October, and I think the original post said available until the end of November, so just thought I would flag that one up.

  2. Roger says

    Details on the $50 Gift Card:
    Club1Hotels Member must book a minimum of 2-nights valued at $200 or more to redeem this $50 booking credit.
    *Bookings must be confirmed on or before Sunday 11:59pm CST 10/30/2016
    $50 Credit is Automatically applied 8-Hrs after hotel purchase is confirmed

    • Joe Deeney says

      Cheers Roger – Looks like they introduced that overnight so I’ve updated the post.

      Yep, they charge in USD.

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