Tesco Gift Card Promotion – 75 Clubcard points (180 Avios) for £25 spend

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Tesco has just announced a new Clubcard collecting opportunity, giving 75 points for every £25 spent on branded gift cards. A couple of weeks back, I posted an article giving a heads-up that Tesco was removing its long-standing promo which gave 150 Clubcard points when purchasing £50 of gift cards.


Today was cut-off date for that very valuable promo.  However, this new one is even more flexible than the one it replaces, giving bonus points for just £25 of gift card spend.  So, for example, if you are after a £24 toaster from Argos, you can buy a £25 Argos gift card and get 75 Clubcard points. Previously, that £25 gift card purchase would not have generated any bonus Clubcard points at all.

Remember that each Clubcard point is worth 2.4 Avios (or 2.5 Virgin miles), so you’re getting 180 Avios per £25 gift card.

As was the case with the previous promotion, Tesco own brand gift cards do not apply to this promotion.

Will it last?

It is worth noting that Tesco has placed a cut-off date on this latest promotion. It only runs until 16 October. It’s possible it might be extended, as Tesco does occasionally do that with promos. My gut feeling is that this is a soft landing towards a devaluation of this Clubcard collecting opportunity. It may drop down to 2 points per £1 spent or even worse be removed altogether and just roll into the standard 1 point per £1 Tesco spend.

You can see the full T&C here


  1. Adam says

    A couple of large clubcard bonus offers available at present:
    Up to 1000 cc pts on selected Fisher Price baby items
    Up to 2000 cc pts on selected gift experiences.
    Sorry cannot copy entire links so just search on direct under these keywords above.

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