Huge savings on worldwide hotels – with free GHA Discovery membership

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Global Hotels Alliance (GHA) is an affiliation of a number of worldwide hotel chains, including a fair few “household names” (including Corinthia, Kempinski and Marco Polo).

gha discovery

Via its free to join loyalty programme, Discovery, it’s currently offering up to 50% off its member hotels worldwide, for the next week.  The exact stay dates for the sale varies by hotel, but the discounted rates are generally offered over the summer.

While an “exclusive” offer for Discovery members, given that you can join Discovery instantly here, you should hardly feel excluded.

The sale is broken down as follows:

  • Asia – up to 50% off
  • Europe – up to 35% off
  • Middle East – up to 35% off
  • North America – up to 30% off
  • Africa – up to 30% off
  • Oceania – up to 20% off

That’s a pretty massive selection of hotels, and obviously what attracts you will depend massively on your individual circumstances. If you’re planning a trip, I strongly suggest you have a good look around to see if anything works for you.

What is Discovery like?

Discovery is a slightly unusual loyalty programme in that it offers benefits based on your status (which is unsurprisingly based on the number of nights you have stayed). Rather than having a points-based system for redemptions, like most other schemes, it simply awards you more benefits the higher your status is

The key benefit is supposedly the “Local Experience”, which you can explore in more detail by clicking on the link. It’s basically as described, a memorable “local experience”, and based on in GHA’s philosophy that they “believe that rewarding members with authentic, memorable experiences is more valuable than collecting points”.



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