How To Reduce A Central London Hilton To £43 A Night

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Hilton is currently offering one of its most generous ever points promotions, with triple Honors points applied to stays of 3 nights or more (it’s double points for shorter stays). That in itself is enough to give you a very solid rebate on your stay at Hilton.

hilton triple points

However, it’s not in our nature to stop at one discount, and there’s currently a set of “stackables” which enable you to chip away further at the nightly price.

Stack 1 – great value hotels

For various reasons, it’s currently possible to get UK hotels at excellent rates right now. This example uses the Hilton London Olympia, which is available at £75 a night.

It’s also worth pointing out that the brilliantly located (if slightly impersonal) Hilton London Metropole is currently available for as little as £82 a night. That’s a fantastic rate.

Running total: £74.75 a night.

Stack 2 – The Hilton Bonus Points

As noted above, the current Hilton Honors promo will give you triple points on the above 3 night stay. We value a Hilton Honors point at 0.3 pence each. Accordingly, based on the points haul for a Diamond Honors member, that’s a rebate of £41. A Gold member will get a rebate of £39, while even a Blue member will get £28 in points value.

For the purposes of my headline, I am proceeding on the basis of Diamond Honors membership.

Running total: £61.08 a night.

Stack 3 – The £50 Rebate

As we have previously advised, the Amex Gold card is currently offering a £50 rebate on Hilton spends of £200+. Accordingly, pay at checkout with your Amex Gold, and you’ll get £50 refunded to your card by Amex.

As this operates outside of the Hilton billing, it will not affect your “Hilton spend”, and therefore the points earned above.

Running total: £44.41 a night.

Stack 4 – The Points on that Amex Spend

In addition to the £50 rebate, you’ll get 224 Membership rewards points for the £224 spend on your Amex.

With our valuation of MR points at 0.9 pence, that’s another £2.01 chipped off.

Running total: £43.74 a night

Stack 5 – Cashback

While you cannot currently get Hilton cashback from UK websites, you will get 1% cashback via the US-facing You can cash this out via Paypal, so it is available even to UK residents.

Again, this cashback will apply to the “pre-Amex” rate.

Running total: £42.99 a night

Sumner’s Final Thought

There are various elements of this “hack” that may or may not apply to you.

However, this central London hotel really is just an example. There’s a vast number of Hiltons out there to which this process is equally applicable!

So, regardless of how applicable the exact example above is to your circumstances, there are some clear lessons to be learned around not simply accepting an initial price, but rather looking for added value. In this case, we have used:

Done well, “travel hacking” can often let you combine benefits like this to give you serious added value. We will of course do our best to continue to flag opportunities as they arise, but for me this highlights why getting a bargain in this game is very often a combination of a number of separate benefits you’ve arranged (elite status, Amex Gold, cashback etc) rather than one standalone “good deal”.

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