€400 Credit (Plus Triple Points) On A 5 Night Hilton Stay!

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As you are probably aware, Malta is set to be included on the UK’s post-17 May “Green List”, meaning you can travel there and back without needing to quarantine.

As part of its bid to attract the liberated UK tourists, Hilton Malta and the Malta Tourism Authority have teamed up to incentivise trips to Malta. They are currently offering €400 in stay credit to parties of 2 or more who stay in the hotel for 5+ nights in June or September (single occupancy rooms will get €200 credit), as part of an exclusive Hilton Malta deal.

To benefit from the rate, you can access the available rooms directly here. Alternatively, the Hilton promo code MTA21 should bring them up.

Note that any room booked via this package does come with breakfast included.

What can the credit be used for?

The €400 credit may be used only in the hotel’s restaurants (on food and drink). However, with a decent range of fairly-priced restaurants (including the excellent Thai restaurant, Blue Elephant), you will have no problems making good use of it.

hilton malta deal

Hilton Malta also frequently offers pleasant “pop up”-style outdoor dining options too, on its spectacular sea view terrace.

Hilton Malta deal – an example

Using the example of 5 nights in June (18-23), you can currently book a room for €227 a night, for two people.

That’s a total cost of €1140.25, so factoring in the €400 rebate, you are looking at €148 a night – an excellent rate.

However, and it’s a big however, you will get a substantial rebate on the above room cost via the current Hilton Honors promotion, which I discuss below.

Anything else?

As alluded to above, this offer ties in beautifully with the current Hilton Honors points promotion, which offers triple points on stays of 3+ nights. Therefore, in addition to the €400 credit, you will get triple points on your room cost.

With a Hilton point worth around 0.35 Euro cents, you’ll earn between 40,000 and 54,000 Honors points on your stay, depending on your status. Giving those points an exact value and applying it to the overall room cost, that takes the “effective” cost of your nightly room to the following:

  • Blue Honors member – €120 a night
  • Silver Honors member – €118.05 a night
  • Gold Honors member – €111.65 a night
  • Diamond Honors member – €110.05 a night

Note however that this offer ends on 6 September. While there is almost certainly going to be a points promotion running after this, we do not know what it will be, and it may well not be as generous as triple points.

If you do travel before 6 September please, please don’t forget to register for the Hilton triple points promo.

Sumner’s Final Thought

The Hilton Malta is a lovely hotel on a very interesting island. With 3 hour direct flights from various parts of the UK, Malta is also a great option for a short break, as travel starts to open up. The current opportunity to stack the Hilton credit with one of the most generous Honors points promo we have seen, is certainly worth thinking about.


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