Have You Been Offered A Personalised Bonus By IHG Rewards?

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IHG Rewards’ last chain-wide promotion ended in March 2021. Since then, we haven’t seen an announcement of the next IHG promotion. However, members have been receiving emails targeting them for specific, individualised promotions. Check here to be reminded of April’s version, which certainly wasn’t enough to tempt me back to IHG.

Over the weekend, a family member received her own personalised promotion. It’s pretty simple. All she has to do is stay one night before July 29th 2021 to earn 5,000 bonus points. As it common with IHG promotions, only paid nights qualify – and the room rate must be ~£22 ($30) or higher…

With the radical changes to IHG’s reward pricing – click here for details – I’m not quite sure what an IHG point is worth any more. But I would normally suggest that 5,000 points is worth £18-£20.

There won’t be very many £22 IHG hotels near most readers. But if there were… a £20 rebate on a £22 hotel night would be pretty impressive. And who knows if IHG will manage to run a chain-wide promotion before July, in which case we could “double dip” the promos.

It is worth mentioning that this is an account that hasn’t been used in a while. So if you are an active IHG member you are probably less likely to have received this email. Nonetheless, it does appear as if IHG are sending emails to members with individual promotions – so make sure you also double check your e-mail permissions and spam folders…

Let us know in the comments section if you’ve also received a personalised promotion from IHG lately…

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