The Three Best Value Hilton Hotel Reward Nights

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Not long ago, I posted about the potentially amazing value you can get with Hilton 5K points redemptions. This offer remains available, although it did come with the clear warning that a lot of the featured hotels simply will not work for a lot of people.

To be clear, when I am talking about “reward” or “redemption” stays, I mean stays paid for with Hilton Honors points. You can of course earn Honors points in a multitude of ways, but you can also still buy them with a 100% bonus, here.

With that in mind, I thought it worth me writing about what I consider to be the three “best value” Hilton redemptions. However, there are two key points I need to make in relation to this post. First, this is value at the “lower end” of the Hilton hotel portfolio. Great prices in good hotels, but you’re unlikely to be bowled over by luxury. Second, this list clearly relates to hotels that work for me, so I can’t promise that my “best value” stays are necessarily yours.

I’ve also tried to spread my options a little, offering:

  • A superb value European city break
  • A Middle Eastern option, what you might describe as a “Dubai hack”.
  • A very low cost Far Eastern beach resort.

What I can certainly guarantee, is that everyone can get good value redemption stays at the lower end of the points scale. Any Hilton hotel that costs 5K, 10K or even 20K points a night is almost certainly going to be a good use of points. Bear in mind that in the current points sale, you are paying around £36 for 10K Honors points.

Note that Hilton redemption prices can be flexible in certain hotels. This is only the case with one example below, so I have indicated the date of a stay when it is available for the points rate flagged.

DoubleTree Ras Al Khaimah

If you want to stay in Dubai without staying in Dubai, you will find the more laid back and better value Ras Al Khaimah an excellent alternative. The DoubleTree is modern, clean and well appointed. the 12K redemption nights here are superb value.

While not brilliantly located for the holiday vibe, it shares a private beach with its sister spa hotel, and offers a free shuttle bus there.

best value hilton hotel

  • 12K Honors points, September 2021
  • Cost of 12K points in current sale: £43
  • Book here.

Hampton, Krakow

Long regarded by many as the single best value Hilton redemption hotel, this inclusion will come as no surprise to those who closely follow the Honors loyalty scheme.

Modern, clean and brilliantly located in a vibrant European city, I simply would not stay anywhere else on a trip to Krakow! Believe me, you can get a lot worse for a lot more in Krakow. This is an unfailingly excellent use of Hilton points.

best value hilton hotel

  • 10K Honors points, all dates.
  • Cost of 10K points in current sale: £36
  • Book here.

DoubleTree Resort by Hilton, Penang, Malaysia

A spa hotel overlooking the Malacca Strait, and connected to the pretty Miami Beach by a footbridge… for 10K points a night!

best value hilton hotel

  • 10K Honors points, all dates (although last minute availability sometimes opens at 9K points).
  • Cost of 10K points in current sale: £36
  • Book here.

(All photos courtesy of Hilton)

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