Earn (Sort of) Unlimited, Free American Airlines Miles

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To date, we have avoided focusing on the current American Airlines AAdvantage 40th anniversary points/prizes giveaway. There’s good reason for this. The promotion is, per its terms, only open to “legal residents of the 50 United States“.

free american airlines miles

That does not mean non-US residents are technically unable to enter. Indeed, we know a number of UK-based AAdvantage members have been doing rather well out of the offer.

free american airlines miles

However, UK participation is technically in breach of the terms and there is a possibility (however slight) that American Airlines could revoke anything you win. In particular, if you win the grand prize of 1 million AAdvantage points, I think there’s every chance American may withhold them – the smaller wins will probably fly under the radar, but there’s no guarantee.

Incidentally, the likelihood for this US-only restriction is that American have cleared this contest from a regulatory point of view in the US, but have limited it beyond there in case it falls foul of gambling legislation (you can’t blame them for not seeking legal advice in basically every other country on the planet). That said, it is unlikely to breach UK law, where it is almost certainly determined to be a free draw and therefore permitted. However, you are still in breach of the American Airlines terms, whether the activity is “legal” in the UK or not.

So where are the free American Airlines miles?

Right, on to the focus of the article. One of the great additional benefits to winning any points in the above promo is that they would reset the expiry on your AAdvantage miles.

However, we can show you an easy alternative way to do this and, should you so wish, earn AAdvantage miles daily, on an ongoing basis.

If you comment on the blog of the excellent miles and points aggregation service, AwardWallet, you will received 5 AAdvantage miles. You can earn these daily and the offer is ongoing.

free american airlines miles

Ok, 5 miles won’t have you reclining the first class seat and knocking back the Bollinger instantly, but these little points hauls add up. Plus, the added bonus of being able to constantly reset your mileage expiry should not be overlooked.

free american airlines miles

Also, a free AwardWallet upgrade is available!

We can also offer you a free AwardWallet upgrade code, as follows:

New users of AwardWallet who sign up with the coupon code insideflyer will get a free 6 month upgrade to AwardWallet plus. You can either use this link to sign up (it should prepopulate the coupon code), or you can add it in the box:

free american airlines miles

Note that this code is unlimited. If you are a new user of AwardWallet, you’ll get a guaranteed 6 months free AwardWallet Plus, regardless of how many others sign up.

(Cover photo courtesy of AA.com)


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