I Have Just Been Gifted 25,000 Free IHG Rewards Points! Have you??

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One of the most tangible benefits of having top-tier Spire status with IHG Rewards is the annual ‘Choice Benefit’

“Upon qualification for Spire Elite, Members may choose to either receive a 25,000 annual point bonus or to gift Platinum Elite to a family member or friend.”

Overnight, IHG seems to have added the bonus to many Spire accounts – even if, like me, you previously took a short-cut to Spire status.

How do I claim the points?

I’m not sure how to navigate to the right page on the app, but using Google Chrome, just log in to IHG Rewards and click on your account on the top right of the page.

Then, scroll down a little bit until you see this:

Click on “Explore Your Benefits” and you should see the following:

Finally, simply select either the 25,000 points (strongly recommended), or the Platinum Elite gift.

“IHG® Rewards Spire Elite Choice Benefit

Now that you’re a Spire Elite member, a whole different level of benefits is yours to enjoy.

Choose your benefit and make your selection.

Add 25,000 points, which will display immediately in your account.

– OR –

Celebrate your new membership level by gifting a friend with Platinum Elite status. Your chosen recipient will enjoy complimentary room upgrades, 50% bonus earnings on top of base points, and more.”

The points are then supposed to be added to your account balance instantly:

In my case, that is exactly what happened:

Bottom line

If you have Spire status with IHG, check your account now to see if you can claim a free and easy 25,000 points bonus!


  1. Andrew M says

    Not showing for me yet. Hopefully they are doing it in batches so they will arrive later. My credit card points haven’t arrived this month (despite them disappearing from the card account) so perhaps the Creation points and Spire 25000 benefit will arrive at the same time.

  2. Colin Thames says

    Thanks for the tip Joe. Hadn’t spotted this. An easy 25,000. Must have been from the latest extension?

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