Champagne Deal (+ Get £20 Credit): Recreate Your Own First Class Experience At Home With Wanderlust Wine

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I know that many readers enjoy a glass of champagne on occasion 😉 . I’m certainly no exception – one of the things I enjoy the most when using points/miles to fly First Class is the opportunity to try expensive vintages that I would rarely be able to justify paying for on the ground.

With little sign of premium long-haul flying being on the cards for most of us this Autumn/Winter, I thought I’d share a quick tip on how to get your hands on some well-priced good stuff, with an additional £20 discount to boot.

I came across (the aptly named) ‘Wanderlust Wine’ recently and have been impressed so far. Their focus is on working directly with smaller producers to cut out the middlemen and to ensure fair prices (for both producers and customers) for quality products.

Specifically, I was looking to stock up on some Billecart Salmon Rose champagne. It’s a favourite during the festive period, but can be surprisingly tricky to find – and often expensive too. If you can get it for less than about £60, you’re normally doing ok.

Wanderlust is currently selling it for £54.

How to save an additional £20…

To save £20, all you have to do is sign up here and then use the following code when you spend £75+: REFPMJLYN7L76

As you can see in the screenshot above, it’s easy to add the code.

You can also get free delivery as well if you spend £100+.

Wanderlust Wine Refer A Friend

The code above was generated from my account using Wanderlust Wine’s Refer A Friend promotion. If you use it, I should also receive £20 credit – so many thanks if you do!

You can generate your own Wanderlust Wine Refer A Friend discount codes as soon as you have placed your first order (please feel free to share yours in the comments section below).

The Refer A Friend promo works as follows:

“So what’s the deal? We would like to reward you fellow wine lovers for helping us spread the news of Wanderlust Wine and supporting us in our feat to bring sustainable,  top quality wine from small producers across the globe. For doing this good deed both you and your friend will receive a £20 discount code to redeem on our website.Once your friend signs up and orders, the discount code will be visible in your Referrals section of your account (the referrals link on the left-hand side of My Account). We have also included Facebook and Twitter in this sharing capability so you can quickly and easily ping the £20 to your friends all over the UK. Get sharing the Wanderlust Wine love and start building up a bank of £20s to enjoy with friends”

Bottom line

With the £20 discount code (REFPMJLYN7L76), you can effectively buy two bottles of Billecart Salmon Rose for £88 – so £44 each. That is an excellent price for a superb champagne (that is rarely discounted).

There are plenty of other wines and champagnes available too of course!

Let me know in the comments if you spot anything interesting – and feel free to share your referral discount code.


    • Joe Deeney says

      Hi George – unfortunately they seem to have set up a new system and not carried the old data across. So, to be able to refer people I’ll need to make another order first. But, I’m sure that’s something I can manage 😉

      I’m not sure if I need to wait for my new delivery to arrive before I can refer though, so it might be a few days. I’ll update you on here (and the article codes) once it’s sorted.


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