Which Airlines Are Offering Free COVID-19 Insurance?

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Aviation is still in deep crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the number of flights is cautiously increasing in some regions, there is still a serious chance that countries will be ‘locked’ again. The uncertainty and ever-changing situation makes it difficult for travellers. To accommodate passengers, some airlines have created so-called ‘Corona insurance’. In this article you can read which airlines offer this and how it works.

COVID-19 insurance

Unfortunately, you can’t assume that your standard travel insurance will provide assistance and coverage if your travel plans are impacted as a result of COVID-19.

Some airlines are now filling that gap by offering COVID-19 insurance. With this insurance they hope to be able to persuade more travellers to book a trip. There are now a number of airlines that offer this free ‘COVID cover’. The first was Emirates. However, it did not take long for other carriers to come up with a similar service.

Please note: the terms and conditions of these policies are different and may change without prior notice. Make sure you are always aware of the situation yourself. InsideFlyer does not advise on which airline / insurance you should consider based on this information.

Emirates, Etihad and flydubai

Emirates was the first airline to provide free COVID cover. The Dubai airline offers travellers with a ticket booked directly with Emirates coverage for additional costs due to quarantine ((max. € 100 per day) and medical treatment. Emirates takes care of the travellers up to 31 days after the first flight in the booking. You can read all the information and conditions about Emirates Corona insurance on this special page .

Etihad offers a similar service that is included with every ticket you fly between September 7 and December 31, 2020, regardless of destination. The PCR test itself is not reimbursed, but costs for medical treatment and quarantine (max. € 100 per day) are. You can read all the information and conditions about Etihad’s Corona insurance on this special page .

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic also offers free COVID insurance, but this is initially a supplement to your travel insurance. The British company does this in collaboration with insurer Allianz Assistance. The latter handles all requests via a telephone helpline. VA’s COVID cover is now valid for travel until March 31, 2021.

Unlike some airlines, Virgin Atlantic does not have an age restriction on the insurance. A Corona test is also covered, but only if it is medically necessary. Interestingly, it is stated that when you fly with Delta, Air France or KLM on a VA booking, the coverage is also valid. However, at least one of the flights must have been flown with VA. You can read all the information and conditions of Virgin Atlantic’s COVID insurance here .


The Canadian airline WestJet announced recently that it will also introduce a free COVID cover in collaboration with TuGo. Almost the entire WestJet network is covered, except flights to and from the United States. You can read more information about WestJet’s measures here .

Turkish Airlines and Pegasus Airlines

The Turkish national airline does not offer free Corona insurance, but it does proactively provide a comparable service on the website. You can purchase additional insurance for an additional cost from €15 per traveller (up to 65 years old). The insurance mainly covers medical costs. You can read more information about Turkish Airlines’ paid Corona insurance here .

Pegasus Airlines offers a similar paid variant with premiums from €12 per person. You can also read more information on the Pegasus website.

Turkish Airlines Boeing 737 over the Red Sea (Source: Turkish Airlines)

Is free COVID-19 insurance something that would encourage you to travel or to fly with a particular airline?


  1. Chris says

    Schemes offered by airlines have limits. Virgin’s doesn’t even cover non-exempt/State Dept Level 3 countries. Covid is far from the only kind of insurance you need because virtually all travel policies (other than those offered by specialist insurers like Battleface) are void in non-exempt countries. Insurers won’t cover theft or anything else although the only new risk is covid. More practical are comprehensive inbound policies beginning to be offered by countries like Thailand, priced according to the risk of covid in your originating country. Various countries are following suit. To get leisure travel moving again, inbound policies don’t have to be free but they do have to fully replace people’s now-invalid travel policies, no ifs or buts and no age restrictions. I won’t go on a long haul trip without insurance, nor I suspect will millions of others.

    • Winnie says

      Same – I bought my tickets with Finnair / BA for November back in January (for my partner’s bday trip) – and now I am planning to lose my money rather than risk a 15 hour detour to Osaka!

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