Book BA Business Class To New York From £770 RETURN! (Dates Until August 2021)

British Airways Business Class

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British Airways is offering some remarkable Business Class fares to New York – from as little as £770 return. The best thing though is that the fares are available for dates from January 2021 all the way through to August.

The cheapest flights start in Inverness and the easiest way to see a wide range of dates is to use Google Flights.

One you’ve narrowed down your options, I would switch to Momondo to find the very cheapest fares.

Excellent fares are also available from Manchester and elsewhere:

If you would rather fly direct from London, prices can be found for under £1,100:

Word of warning

The best airline fares can often be found through sites like Momondo, which send you to an Online Travel Agency (OTA) to book, rather than booking direct with the airline. Cheaper fares are great, but you should also consider the potential extra hassle of using an OTA, if your flight is cancelled or something else goes wrong. You can read about InsideFlyer contributor Craig’s experience here.

In general, I am personally happy to accept the risk of booking via an OTA, as long as the cost saving makes it worthwhile. That risk may not make sense for you though. Regardless, always use a credit card (ideally one with decent customer service) and make sure you have good travel insurance.

Bottom line

These are very good fares to New York and the fact they are available right through to next August is fantastic.

If you credited the flights to Alaska Mileage Plan, you would earn back ~£300 worth of miles too!

Hat tip: FlyingFares on Flyertalk.


    • Craig Sowerby says


      They also get you a massive headache when a flight is cancelled or the schedule is changed and you have to deal with some dodgy OTA instead of BA directly…

      • Joe Deeney says

        True. It doesn’t generally stop me from using them though, despite the fact the subsequent cost in time might well average out as outweighing the cash saving. I might start properly tracking it to see.

    • Joe Deeney says

      If you credit the flights to BAEC, then yep (and tier points). I’d definitely recommend having a quick look at Alaska Mileage Plan too though, as it really can work out a lot better for many BA flyers.

  1. Andreas says

    I’m surprised any travel blog would recommend using OTA’s like DreamWorldTravel, eDreams and the like, especially during the current scenario with so many unknowns about international travel. You should be pointing people in the right direction, making the right choice and not guiding them towards a relatively unknown OTA to part with readers’ hard earned funds only to be totally stuck if things go wrong. I’ve seen more and more travel blogs linking out to Skyscanner and Momondo, and I can understand that’s where revenue comes from but in these times surely it is better to book direct with the airline or at worst with a large well known and reputable OTA.

    • Joe Deeney says

      Hi Andreas,

      It’s an interesting point and something we’ve certainly chatted about internally, and even written about before:

      The first thing to say is that this was not led by any commercial considerations – there are no affiliate links in the article. On the contrary, I could easily have just linked straight to British Airways and included affiliate links, but that wouldn’t have shown readers the best prices.

      You are definitely right though that booking through OTAs can lead to considerably more hassle if something goes wrong. Some are better than others, but booking direct almost always makes sorting things out easier. On balance, I personally still tend to use the OTAs to book, if the price is right. Fellow InsideFlyer contributors, like Craig, take the opposite view.

      I think perhaps the best solution for these sort of articles (where using an OTA is substantially cheaper) would be for us to always include a short warning about the potential pitfalls of OTAs and a reminder to use a credit card and have good travel insurance.



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