No Surprise… Hilton Honors is Back With Another 100% Bonus

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I’m shocked… shocked I say… to hear that Hilton Honors is selling points at a discount again. This particular promotion – the same as always – is due to run until 20 September, 2020.

Points usually cost 1 US cents each, so this promotion reduces that cost to 0.5 US cents. In sterling terms, you’ll pay about 0.385p per point.

Is it Sensible to Buy Points?

Since Hilton Honors moved to a dynamic pricing model, it can be tricky to regularly obtain much more than 0.4p in value from your Hilton points.

But you won’t necessarily do a whole lot worse either. Everything depends on doing some maths before booking a Hilton hotel. It might be cheaper to buy points; it might be cheaper to book a paid rate. (Don’t forget to factor in any cashback, the value of points earned on a paid stay, etc.)

But as a general principle, you are more likely to make your sums add up if you are aiming for:

  • High-end properties such as the Conrad Maldives or Conrad Ko Samui
  • Peak season at hotels still respecting a cap on standard room reward pricing (Edinburgh in August for example)
  • Fifth night free award bookings for Silver, Gold and Diamond members
  • Hotels costing 5,000, 10,000 or sometimes 20,000 points per night (there aren’t too many good ones left)

But since you are rarely more than a week or two away from another 100% bonus promotion, you should never feel obliged to stock up on Hilton points. Just wait until you have firm travel plans to make…

Earn Cashback

If you do decide to purchase, don’t forget to re-read this post about how you can earn cashback when buying points from hotel chains such as Hilton.


  1. Andrew M says

    There comes a point where the 100% bonus becomes the standard price and everything else is a temporary blip to enable the “promotion” to return.

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