Better Late Than Never? IHG Opens Its Summer Promotion To European Residents

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For some reason, IHG Rewards Club places geographic restrictions on some of its “chain-wide” promotions. Sometimes only North American residents are able to register. Other times it might be Australasians or Europeans who receive the better offer. In the Internet age, this is rather silly; many of your most loyal – but not targeted – customers will easily find out what they’re missing and be annoyed at their exclusion.

Since early June, IHG Rewards Club has been running a promotion for North American residents. Europeans were excluded… until now. You have until 8 September, 2020 to participate. It appears that you need to receive an email from IHG in order to receive the registration link, but you might also be able to register by visiting the “My Offers” section of your IHG Rewards Club account.

The promotion is simple, although presented somewhat confusingly. You will receive increasing amounts of bonus points depending on the number of paid stays you manage.

  • Stay 1 and 2 – Double base points (i.e. a 100% bonus)
  • Stay 3 – Triple base points (i.e. a 200% bonus)
  • Stay 4 and beyond – Quadruple base points (i.e. a 300% bonus)

There is some fine print to keep in mind…

An eligible stay for the purposes of this promotion is a paid stay booked direct with IHG (not via an OTA) with a minimum total cost of US$30. (personally I would aim for $30 pre-tax to be safe) As a result, award stays won’t help you zoom cheaply to that 4th stay and beyond.

In addition, you can only earn a maximum of 100,000 bonus points per stay and a total of 400,000 bonus points for all stays.  Since you earn 10 base points per US dollar spent at IHG hotels, you would clearly have to spend a small fortune to reach this cap.

The Bottom Line

I don’t know why it took so long for IHG to realise that many Europeans were also planning to travel this summer – and might be incentivised to choose IHG if there was a decent promotion available.

Even if you don’t have any immediate travel plans, make sure to register nonetheless…

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