Qatar Airways Increases Frequencies and Expands Destinations

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Qatar Airways will fly to many more destinations from later this month, according to data from RoutesOnline. The airline will also increase frequencies on existing route, including doubling the number of weekly flights to London Heathrow from 7 to 14.

The new destinations include Bangalore, Delhi, Istanbul, Johannesburg, Karachi, Moscow, Mumbai and Muscat.

Qatar Airways Airbus A350 destinations

Destination Frequency per week From Device
Amsterdam 7 present day A350-1000
Chicago 4 present day A350-1000
Frankfurt 7 present day A350-1000
Hong Kong 7 present day A350-1000
London Heathrow 7 (14 from May 8) present day A350-1000
Melbourne 7 present day A350-1000
Munich 4 present day A350-1000
Paris 7 present day A350-1000
Perth 4 present day A350-1000
Singapore 7 present day A350-1000
Sydney 7 present day A350-1000
Tokyo 7 present day A350-1000
Bangalore 4 3rd of May A350-900
Bangkok 7 present day A350-900
Brussels 4 present day A350-900
Colombo 3 Present day A350-900
Copenhagen 3 present day A350-900
Dallas Ft. Worth 3 present day A350-900
Delhi 4 3rd of May A350-900
Dublin 4 present day A350-900
Helsinki 4 present day A350-900
Istanbul 7 May 1 A350-900
Jakarta 3 present day A350-900
Johannesburg 3 May 2nd A350-900
Karachi 4 May 16 A350-900
Kuala Lumpur 3 present day A350-900
Kuwait 7 (21 from May 8) present day A350-900
Manchester 3 present day A350-900
Manila 7 present day A350-900
Montreal 4 present day A350-900
Moscow 3 may 4th A350-900
Mumbai 4 3rd of May A350-900
Muscat 14 May 14 A350-900
Oslo 4 present day A350-900
Rome 4 present day A350-900
Stockholm 4 present day A350-900
Vienna 4 present day A350-900
Zurich 3 present day A350-900

Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner destinations

The B787-8 was only deployed to Athens and Tehran, but flights to Amman, Beirut, Dhaka, Kochi, Lahore, Nairobi and Tunis are being added.

Destination Frequency per week From Device
Amman 7 May 12th B787-8
Athens 3 present day B787-8
Beirut 7 11 May B787-8
Dhaka 4 The 9th of May B787-8
Kochi 4 3rd of May B787-8
Lahore 4 May 16 B787-8
Nairobi 21 May 19 B787-8
Tehran 7 present day B787-8
Tunis 3 6 May B787-8

Other flights

There are a couple of existing routes and a few new ones that are scheduled to operate using non A350 or B787 aircraft. These are as follows:

Destination Frequency per week From Device
Baghdad 7 May 23 A320
Basra 4 May 24 A320
Erbil 4 May 23 A320
Kathmandu 4 May 1 A330-300
Seoul 7 present day B777-300ER


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