Check Your Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Account for Your 1,000 Free Miles from Tesco

Tesco Clubcard Vouchers

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I’m certainly confused… but not complaining. During the last Tesco Clubcard cycle, members did not receive their 1,000 free miles until AFTER the October statement had processed.  Click here for further details.

Despite this, Virgin Atlantic Flying Club and Tesco Clubcard AGAIN offered 1,000 free miles for setting your Clubcard account to “auto-convert” to miles – click here for a reminder .  However this time around, it appears that the 1,000 free miles have processed well in advance of the next statement, due in late January 2020.

What Next?

It’s pretty simple…

  1. Check your Virgin Atlantic Flying Club account to see whether you also have received your 1,000 miles.
  2. Set your Tesco Clubcard account back to  “Vouchers”


The Bottom Line

I have no reason to suspect that we won’t see the same 1,000 mile offer in late January 2020, so you will want to have your Tesco Clubcard account set to vouchers. If you do, you might yet again be able to earn another 1,000 free miles from opting in to this regular offer.


  1. Andrew M says

    Got the points and converted back to vouchers. The gift that keeps on giving! I assume we will have to actually convert to Virgin in future to get the 1000 bonus? Not a big deal for me as I earn so few Clubcard points thee days and the Virgin points are very useful.

  2. Rob RIxon says

    So far the promo has worked twice for me; once in July and also this one. I thought this month’s points was from the October statement, as I recall the one back in July was also late. Mind you, there doesn’t seem to be too much logic apart from making sure you change over from points to vouchers at the right time and then see what happens!

    • Craig Sowerby says

      It’s hard to imagine that this is from October, since a bunch of people received 1k miles in November.

      Definitely no logic apparent, other than changing from vouchers to miles and back…

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