Act Fast for a Simple £2.50 from Topcashback UK!

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TopCashback is offering a free £2.50 cashback for anybody who spends £5 before midnight today.  You must activate the promotion by clicking here.

There appear to be very few restrictions – any merchant will do, as long as you spend at least a fiver…  Depending on the merchant, however, you might need to take into account VAT, such that the amount reported to Topcashback is greater than £5.

In cases such as this one, I typically just cancel and re-book a hotel reservation, or just buy something cheap that I would normally buy elsewhere…   After all… £2.50 cashback on a £5+ purchase can be a pretty substantial rebate…

£15 EXTRA Bonus for all new members

Simply join via this link and you’ll get £15 bonus credit when you spend £10 or more at any retailer included on the TopCashback site (yes, that’s basically free money!). You can then choose to keep the cash or transfer the £15 bonus into 1,575 Avios!


  1. To be eligible for the £2.50 Cashback Bonus promotion, you must be a member of You must activate the offer via the link in the email, via any promotion onsite or via the link below prior to making an eligible transaction, activations will be reported back to TopCashback.
  2. You must make a purchase through TopCashback between 00:00 and 23:59 on 10th December 2019.
  3. You are eligible for a Cashback Bonus for a maximum of 1 individual purchase.
  4. You can earn a maximum of £2.50 Cashback Bonus.
  5. Any merchant offering free cashback or in the Free Cashback category, are excluded from the bonus.
  6. Tell-A-Friend, Sign Up bonuses & Snap & Save will not count as one of your purchases towards the Cashback Bonus.
  7. Your purchase amount should be £5 or more, this is the purchase amount reported back to TopCashback, some merchants may exclude delivery charges.
  8. Cashback Bonus will appear in your account as a new transaction, only when cashback for the initial purchase reaches the pending stage.
  9. Cashback Bonus will be payable when the initial purchase becomes payable.
  10. If you cancel your order, or the merchant deems the transaction as ineligible for cashback, the Cashback Bonus will be removed.
  11. Only one account per person is allowed.
  12. Cashback Bonus may not automatically apply to purchases where a Missing Cashback Claim needs to be lodged to get your purchase to track correctly. If this is the case and your claim is successful you will need to raise a support ticket to be awarded the bonus.
  13. TopCashback will not be held responsible for any technical failure or otherwise which prevents participation in this promotion.
  14. Where there is a contradiction between the offer terms and conditions and TopCashback terms and conditions, the offer terms and conditions take precedence until the offer expires.



    • Joe Deeney says

      Yep – lots do (including myself)! With Christmas on the way, I’m buying stuff every day anyway and would click through from a cashback site for pretty much all of those purchases. £2.50 for 2 extra clicks (5 seconds?) is a great return. Rebooking a hotel takes maybe 2 mins or less – not quite as compelling, but still equivalent to a pretty decent hourly rate!

      • cinereus says

        Wowzers, spending even 2 mins cancelling and rebooking a hotel is crazy (absolutely guarantee there’s no way you can check the rate is still valid, log into tcb, navigate to the correct dates, log in and cancel, rebook and enter payment details, receive confirmation in five mins let alone two). There’s so many ways to make so much more cash with MS or similar pursuits this seems pretty damn desperate!

        • Joe Deeney says

          I would argue that MS brings its own challenges – in the UK (best case scenario in terms of direct comparison, afaik?) is Amex PCCC at 1.25%, minus £25 annual fee. Even if we don’t factor the fee, £2.50 is £200 of MS – on an Amex, which means some of the more obvious MS options aren’t available. TopCashback and Quidco have similar offers to this one regularly (and if you collect miles, there are frequent AA/Alaska/United/etc portal bonuses you could opt for instead too). Basically,this side of stuff obviously isn’t big money, but it’s extremely low hanging – and really does only take a couple of minutes, with zero risk.

          MS in the UK (particularly at a scale where it is worth the float/risk/time) is considerably more complicated – and certainly isn’t for everyone.

          I maintain that (a pretty regular) £2.50 for 2 mins ‘work’ – i.e. while on the sofa watching tv at home – is a solid return.

          Will MS at an advanced level net you (MUCH 😉 ) bigger returns? Of course it will. But, it’s comparing apples and aircraft.

  1. Craig Sowerby says

    In less than 5 minutes I bought a £5 gift card from TopGiftCards and almost immediately tracked £0.20 cashback and the £2.50 bonus. Better than 50% rebate, but ultimately just a free £2.70 without leaving my sofa.

    If you can scale that to £270 without leaving your sofa, then you’re doing better than me. But I suspect that you put in hours and hours beforehand to work out all of the potential issues with your MS scheme. It might work now… until it doesn’t… and you’ll have to put in the hours just to get your float back.

    Anyhow, one thing that travel hackers tend to care about is free money on any scale, whether it’s a 50p coin on the ground, a simple TCB promo or a scale-able MS scheme.

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