Book Central London Hotels for £13.30 Per Night!!!

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Yesterday I published an article about how it is possible to get great discounts on Premier Inn stays by booking through a new members only site – ‘Wayfarer Points’. You can join for free, or pay for a Premium membership.

The deals – specifically the pricing of Premier Inn hotels in the UK – are remarkable. I have been experimenting a bit more today, and if anything, I previously undersold how big the bargains can be!

Yesterday, the best rates in central London I saw were from £26.58, but today I managed to find rates for as little as £13.30 per night:

Sundays tend to have the very lowest prices, but Fridays and Mondays are often only just a couple of quid more:

In fact, on almost every date I checked from January through to March 2020 (including a variety of different days of the week), it was possible to find something central and decent for under £40, with the vast majority of dates having availability for £25 or less.

If you are prepared to stay a bit further out of the centre (Hackney, Lewisham, etc), you can regularly find even cheaper rates (from £11.08), but when you can get something more central for a few pounds more, I wouldn’t bother.

One key thing to note is that to bring up all the Premier Inn options on Wayfarer, it seems you need to search for 2 adults.

What’s the best deal you can find?


  1. Giorgio Kiriasis says

    I’ve signed up for the premium membership last night. I found the great prices you mentioned but I didn’t get around to book. Since yesterday night 11pm, no more Premier inns are showing up in the results!! When I signed up for the premium membership it stated It was a free 14 days trial membership, though I entered credit card details and can’t seem to find option to cancel membership?! Not so good as it seems.

  2. Oxonlad says

    I looked at this site in May when it was in Beta and didn’t find it useful. Gave it another try today for some bookings I’ve got coming up. Tried to find Premier Inn in Leeds for 13/14 December but it didn’t appear and the Village Inn where we have booked is a few £ cheaper than

    Checked out a booking I need to make in Franz Joseph Glacier NZ in Feb and found the Heartland Hotel was about £8/night cheaper on for the cancellable rate. The rate for the Redezvous Hotel in Christchurch where I’ve also booked in February is £20/night more expensive on Wayfarer than

    I used the Wayfarer free membership not the Premier so there might be a better deal if you pay the subscription, but for the limited searches I’ve made there’s not much in it. And if i book using the BA Rewards App via I pick up Avios (although the rates tend to be a bit higher).

    • Joe Deeney says

      Yeah – All the Premier Inns seem to have disappeared from the site. As with your own searches, most of the other ‘deals’ I saw didn’t really seem very compelling.

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