Travelodge is Introducing a New ‘Cleaning Fee’ – Cheapskate or Sensible Move?

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I was recently looking at Travelodge rates in London, as part of a trip later this year. I have stayed with them many times and generally find the hotels to be of a decent standard – and definitely good value for money.

When looking at the various options for my stay, I noticed several hotels had a new ‘optional daily house keeping charge’ of £3 (see the green bit at the bottom of the image below):

It didn’t seem to show up on every hotel though, so I got in touch with Travelodge to find out more. They replied that,

“this is a new service we are trialling at a select number of hotels in which guests can opt to have their room fully serviced every day for a charge of £3.”

I have not received any information on how long the trial will last however, or what dates have been selected. I was given a list of the hotels participating in the trial though:

  • Aberdeen Bucksburn 
  • Aberdeen Central Justice Mill Lane 
  • Barrow In Furness 
  • Blackburn M65
  • Brighton 
  • Cambridge Newmarket Road
  • Dundee 
  • Dundee Strathmore Avenue 
  • Hatfield Central
  • Inverness City Centre 
  • London Balham
  • London Central City Road 
  • London Central Farringdon 
  • London Finchley 
  • London Fulham
  • London Heathrow Central 
  • London Heathrow Heston M4 Eastbound
  • London Kingston Upon Thames Central 
  • London Raynes Park
  • London Twickenham 
  • Manchester Didsbury 
  • Newcastle Central 
  • Perth Central
  • Stirling City Centre
  • Torquay
  • Watford Central 
  • Worthing Seafront
  • Wrexham 


My initial reaction when I first saw the charge was quite negative – we’ve all become used to hotel rooms being cleaned every day and having that service included in the price.

After thinking about it a bit more though, I’ve reconsidered. Most of the time, there’s no real need for a hotel room to be refreshed every day – and if you need anything specific like clean towels, you can always ask reception.

Many readers will already be familiar with the ‘make a green choice’ options provided by other hotel chains, which offer a small amount of points in exchange for forgoing having your room serviced. If (and it’s a big if!) Travelodge’s room rates are genuinely £3 cheaper than they previously were for people who do not want their room cleaned every day, that’s actually probably a better deal than 500 Hilton or Marriott Points.

What do you think about the new charge – another reason to avoid Travelodge, or a smart way for guests to save money?


  1. Rhona says

    I think it’s a good idea. I can keep my own room tidy, make my own bed, ask for towels if need be. I dont normally stay in a Travelodge for more than 2 nights so wouldnt feel the need for daily housekeeping.
    Re comment above – I never use hotel toiletries! Always bring my own. Never read a newspaper – I have an iPad.
    If I was there for a week – how often would room be serviced? And would I have to pay for that?

  2. Rich says

    It’s just another way to cut the biggest cost their employees, if everyone opts to save the £3 how many fewer staff will they need. Plus if I stay for a week how much mess and rubbish is going to be around the thimble they call a bin, will it hum? Plus I might want a loo brush something no hotels provide.

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