Don’t Miss Out On £100s Worth Of New Amex Travel Offers!

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Over the last few weeks Amex has released a large range of new travel-related rebate offers. I doubt everyone will have been targeted for all the same offers (you might even have better ones!), but the following are all currently available on my Amex Gold account:

If that’s not enough for you, I also spotted a nice little bonus Avios offer on my (free) BA card:

How to register for American Express offers

If you have an American Express card issued directly by American Express (Amex Gold/Platinum, SPG, BA/BAPP etc), simply login to your American Express online account, scroll down to the “offers” tab and then click on “save to card” when you see the relevant offer.


It is always worth keeping an eye on the Amex offers. As well as all the travel ones listed above, I’ve got a couple of dozen others offering discounts/rebates at various retailers, pub chains, restaurants and coffee shops.

What’s the best offer on your account?

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