Topcashback is Offering Another 25% Bonus When Paying Out as Avios – One Week Only!

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TopCashback is one of our favourite websites for earning rebates on your online spending. If you’re already going to make a purchase, you should definitely get some of the affiliate marketing commissions paid back to you. This is why I always spend a couple of minutes figuring out who offers the best “cashback” for any given transaction.

TopCashback offers a rather dizzying number of payout options – whenever the vendor gets around to paying those commissions to TopCashback. One of those options is Avios from British Airways Executive Club. Instead of receiving £10 in your bank account, you can choose to receive 1050 Avios. This isn’t usually the best of ideas, since cash in the bank is well… cash in the bank! You can spend it on anything, including buying Avios later on when you really need them…

However, between now and 7 July 2019, you will actually receive a 25% bonus. In other words, for each £10 of cashback, you can receive 1,250 Avios instead. For the numerically-inclined, this works out exactly the same as buying Avios for 0.8p each (since you could just as easily send your money straight to a bank account).

0.8p is a price that I believe to be attract enough to consider. Perhaps not if you have a balance of millions, but certainly if you are saving up for a specific reward. But you’d better move fast since the offer is only available for a week this time…

And as I found out last time, hopefully your Executive Club account is registered in the UK.

Is a 25% bonus enough for you to cash out as Avios instead of money? Are some of the other options more appealing to you? Let us know in the comments section…

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