Earn an Easy £40 Today by Sending £100 Overseas

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Quidco is offering an exceptional deal today to anybody who sends money overseas to friends, family (or themselves). New money transfer services seem to be proliferating, which means that they need to grab your attention with an interesting offer.  Azimo is the latest company to make a noteworthy offer to those who have never used the service before.

Today only, you can earn £40 cashback for sending £100 overseas with Azimo. In addition, your first transfer (+ another) will be fee-free, although the underlying FX rate might not be quite as competitive as the likes of Transferwise.

If you miss out on today’s offer, you can also earn:

  • £35 cashback on that same £100 transfer (before 7 July 2019)
  • £50 cashback on a £250 “business” transfer (I don’t know what that means either)

You can find details by clicking here.


Of course, in order the absurdity of sending £100 into the ether in exchange for £40 cashback, you’ll need to have access to a bank account in a foreign currency. That way you’d just be sending the equivalent of £100 to yourself (or family) in euros, dollars, etc. for a net cost of £60. Bargain!

I have also previously used Azimo to send Argentine pesos to myself in Buenos Aires. I simply needed to drop by an office in person to collect my cash. So with some research this might work if you wanted to send some foreign currency for you to pick up on arrival to your latest travel destination…

Nonetheless, I hope that many readers can figure out a way to earn an easy £40 this afternoon…


  1. Beppo says

    the 149,99 might be a typo (i.e. leftover from a previous promo) but the ‘no swift option’ is a killer here….

    • Craig Sowerby says

      I’m not sure why Swift is all that necessary if sending 100 quid to yourself. Wouldn’t BACS or a debit card be fine to pay the £100 and most recipient accounts surely don’t require it either? But that said I’m already a client of Azimo so can’t try it for myself.

  2. Felipe says

    Made a second account and a new transfer of £150 and cashback didn’t track again…

    Reading the reviews of this Azimo on Quidco I realised that no one will ever see those £40…

    This is just a SCAM.

  3. Ian Macky says

    The last time they had a TCB promo, they could not fully identify my USA HSBC account, even after many back and forth emails. So finally they gave up and returned my money.

    The CB paid out 🙂

  4. Boobaholic says

    Need to do over £149.99 according to Ts & Cs.
    You can also get £10 by using an invite code from someone else.

    Here is my invite code, feel free to use it !!

    Don’t use the link obviouslyu, go via the Quidco website !! But feel free to use my invite code 🙂 JAMESW159

  5. KevinZ says

    Thanks for posting this offer. I sent £101.00, and got an email confirmation that £40.00 cashback has been tracked. So the £149.99 limit is clearly a mistake on the website.

  6. Eppleby says

    I sent £100.00 on 1st. July. Received text today to say transfer has been cancelled by Azimo and that they’ll repay the £100.00. This is some sort of scam but not sure what – maybe to fish for bank account details or email addresses?

  7. BillyBob says

    I have completed three transfers for myself and both my parents. Received an email saying cashback had tracked after 24hours.

    Seems fine to me.

    I also have screenshots of the process for each of the transactions.

  8. Mark Smith says

    Azimo to put it mildly is a complete con when being referred via Topcashback(TCB). Six different people I know tried to send joined them to send currency abroad. They cleaned all their cookies out and went straight via Topcashback . The first thing they noticed was that by going via Topcashback, Azimos rates became slightly less competitive then say they had gone to Azimo direct. Everyone continued with the promise of a £50.00 cashback.. and waited and waited and waited. An average of 5 months. We all had to put enquires in regarding non cashback.

    Guess what ,Topcashback got back to us all with the same copied and pasted reply that Azimos Agent could not identify that each referral came via TCB. Bo amount of complaining has managed to get this overturned

    Please do not even contemplate using this firm if your a TCB member. I somehow doubt whether things will be any different via Quidco…..

    PS Don’t take my word for it look at the array of 1 Star reviews on Topcashback and please ignore the oh so obvious “fake” 5 star 3-4 word reviews made in an asian sub continent boiler room!

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