(WEIRD) New Overlapping IHG Accelerate Offers – Check Your Account Again So You Don’t Miss Out On 10,000s Of Bonus Points!

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Craig wrote about IHG’s current Accelerate (personalised bonus points) promotion back in April. That promo is scheduled to run until 31st August 2019, but the strange thing about it is that although most people were able to access their offer like usual, quite a few others got a message saying they hadn’t been targeted for an Accelerate offer. That’s not something I can remember ever happening before.

Last night, InsideFlyer reader Sharat alerted us in the comments on Craig’s article, that although he had been unable to access his Accelerate promotion before, he now could.

I manage a few family member accounts that also hadn’t received an Accelerate offer in April, so checked to see if anything had changed – and I’m pleased to report that they now all have offers.

Note that you have to use the new registration page here to sign up. If you had previously been able to sign up back in April/May, I don’t think you’ll be able to sign up to this one.

What is interesting is that the promotion dates this time are 1st July – 31st October, which is obviously different to the dates (1st May-31st August) that people who were able to sign up in April were given:

“Unlock your offers with Accelerate.

Last-minute vacations with family, extra time by the pool, wandering around a new city—making time for these big little moments is easier than you think. Accelerate helps you experience more of life and earn bonus points with customized offers. Sign up and stay at IHG hotels around the world between July 1 and October 31, and enjoy more of those memorable moments that matter most.”

The offers I saw weren’t particularly generous to be honest, but definitely better than nothing – and yours might well be better:

At the very least, 1,000 free points just for downloading an app isn’t bad!

Bottom line

IHG has made the Accelerate promotion needlessly confusing this time, with some members having to complete their stays by the end of August, and others having to stay between 1st July – 31st October.

Regardless, if you thought you’d missed out on a bonus points promo this quarter, go and check your account again – hopefully you’ll now find something there!

What’s your offer like?


  1. Roger says

    Seems if you are currently already registered for accelerate the link will not open another accelerate offer.
    However if you were not targeted for accelerate in April you may well be able to see new offers now

  2. Relaxo says

    I couldnt access the previous Accelarate but managed to register for this latest round. Received a staggering offer of double point starting with 2nd stay : |

  3. Andy says

    Thanks for that, I have been given an offer now having been refused before.

    Offer details:-

    30,600 Discover Our Brands
    Stay at 4 brands and get 30,600 bonus points.

    8,400 Stay at Holiday Inn®
    Stay at 2 Holiday Inn® hotel(s)—including Holiday Inn Resort® and Holiday Inn Club Vacations®—and earn 8,400 bonus points.

    12,000 Saturday Stays Bonus
    Stay 2 weekend(s), including a Saturday night and another night, and earn 12,000 bonus points.

    6,600 Earn More, Faster
    Earn 6,600 bonus points when you book 2 Bonus Points Package stay(s) and get to your next reward faster.

    57,600 Your Achievement Bonus
    Complete 4 of the 4 offers and earn (an additional) 57,600 bonus points.

  4. john browell says

    No new offers on my existing registration, but it has prompted a question Joe – apologies as I’m being lazy.

    As you manage a few accounts for different people, is there any way to transfer IHG points between people without paying their fee of $5 per 1000 points ? I’ve never registered my wife for IHG membership, but can see some benefits now, especially the 10,000 offered for signing up to their free Creation credit card and spending £200. But would be better if the points could be moved to me eventually.

    • Joe Deeney says

      Not to the best of my knowledge, but I’ve never actually tried. I suppose it could be possible if you got a hold of a really helpful agent, but this is IHG so the chances of that… 😉

  5. john browell says

    The app points are not just for downloading; it says, download, sign in, and book a stay. I noticed when I did it for the account I just registered for my wife. Her other offers are not too exciting as we don’t have any paid stays planned in the next few months.

  6. Tom says

    My guess is that IHG are testing different offers to different users to try and figure out what the value of the promo is.

  7. Chris says

    It gets even weirder – for the past two days I have had two promos at the same time. The one from April until the end of August and the other started sometime last year until the end of July 19. Very strange!

      • Chris says

        The second promotion disappeared and I am left with my original one.

        They added one challenge a while ago (a stay in June) and I now only have to do 4 out of 5 which makes it doable for me. Otherwise I would not have done it.

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