PayPal is Offering Discounts on Travel – Eg. £20 Off!

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PayPal has entered the travel discount market, offering targeted members £20 off a spend of £150+ with Booking .com when they pay using PayPal.

“Whether you are looking for a hotel, boathouse or B&B, has the perfect accommodation for your upcoming vacation. Breeze through checkout and get £20/€20 off your purchase with PayPal at when you spend at least £150/€150*. You can use your £-offer for any stay within the United Kingdom, you can use your €-offer for any stay in countries in the eurozone.”

You can find out if your account was targeted here.

The offer is very simple to use:



£20 off £150 is effectively a 13.33% discount, which is extremely good for Booking .com. Cashback and other discounts tend to only be a few percent.

That said, always check other booking sites (and consider booking direct) to make sure you’re getting a genuinely good deal.

Have you been targeted for this offer?


This offer is valid for a purchase on between May 28th, 2019 until July 14th, 2019 (both dates inclusive) (“Offer Period”). The offer needs to be saved to your PayPal account and will then be automatically deducted in the checkout if you pay with PayPal and spend at least £150/€150 on ( You may save both the Euro offer and the Pound Sterling offer. You can use the offer during the Offer Period for any purchase for future travel until December 31st, 2019. If you cancel your purchase after July 14th, 2019, you will get the costs of your reservation refunded but not the offer amount. The offer can be used to the maximum value. Each Euro (€) and Pound Sterling (£) offer can be activated only once per user in the users PayPal account and can’t be shared with others. The Offer applies to items purchased on after any taxes are added to the order and will be deducted at the checkout of the total. To take advantage of the offer, you must: a) have or open a PayPal account, b) activate either the Euro (€) or Pound Sterling (£) offer in your PayPal account, c) make an online purchase of £150/€150 or more with your PayPal account at 23.59H, July 14th, 2019. The £-Offer can only be deducted in the check-out provided that you use Pound Sterling as a currency for your purchase within the United Kingdom. The Euro (€) offer can only be deducted in the check-out provided that you convert the funds in your account to Euros as a currency for your purchase of accommodation in countries which have Euros as the local currency. The Offer will not be valid and available for any purchases for accommodation booked to non-Eurozone or non-GBP countries. When converting currency, currency conversion fees and other fees apply. See PayPal User Agreement for full details. There is a limited amount of discount vouchers available for this Offer and it will be based on the principle of: “First come, first served”. and PayPal both reserve the right to cancel or modify the Offer at any time. The Offer may not be applied to previous purchases. It cannot be exchanged or substituted for any other item or cash value. This offer is provided to you by This offer is valid for users with a United Kingdom PayPal account.


  1. Roger says

    Simple question:

    I have already saved paypal £ offer.
    Does this work for booking in a EU country using the link? Given that it says
    “You can use your £-offer for any stay within the United Kingdom, you can use your €-offer for any stay in countries in the eurozone.”

    What do you read into this?

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