Aer Lingus Rewards are now Available Using Alaska Miles, With What Appears to be Dynamic Pricing!

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Aer Lingus became a partner of Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan way back in 2018. But it has only recently been possible to redeem Alaska miles for reward flights on Aer Lingus.

Alaska has individual award charts for each partner, that you can only access by clicking here and searching for a combination of regions.

Most readers would be curious about how many Alaska miles are required for a transatlantic flight. The answer appears to be that it depends!

280,000 miles for a one-way in Business Class is extremely painful, although at least it appears that you could book any flight you desire. 30,000 valuable Alaska miles for Economy class is little better, even though the usual stopover tricks are available on Aer Lingus rewards.

If pressed to guess, I would assume that Alaska Airlines and Aer Lingus couldn’t actually agree on a reward reimbursement methodology, so Alaska has gone for the option of accessing regular paid inventory, and charging a ridiculous number of miles to compensate.

Whatever the reason, I hope that this isn’t what the future holds for IAG’s long-discussed implementation of “dynamic pricing”…


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