Summertime Bargains from Lufthansa Miles & More

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I like to occasionally remind readers of Lufthansa Miles & More’s tongue-tying “Meilenschnaeppchen” programme. Each month, Lufthansa discounts reward flights to a few of its worldwide destinations. You have the full calendar month to book your reward flights for a short 6-week window in a few months time. This promotion is one of the better ways to use your Lufthansa miles, even though you can’t really avoid those surcharges…

Since April’s list of destinations covers summer travel between 15 July and 30 August, 2019 – with lots of empty Business Class cabins to fill – I thought I’d highlight some of the interesting destinations on offer…

It is important to note that these bargain reward bookings are completely non-refundable and you must book return flights.

You will, of course, have to transfer in Frankfurt or Munich, but if you live outside of London you are already accustomed to connecting flights…

North America

  • Detroit – 55,000 miles in Business
  • Los Angeles – 30,000 miles in Economy and 55,000 in Business
  • Newark – 55,000 miles in Business
  • New York – 30,000 miles in Economy and 55,000 miles in Business
  • Orlando – 55,000 miles in Business
  • Philadelphia – 55,000 miles in Business
  • Toronto – 55,000 miles in Business
  • Vancouver – 55,000 miles in Business
  • Washington DC – 55,000 miles in Business

Rest of World

  • Beijing – 70,000 miles in Business
  • Buenos Aires – 70,000 miles in Business
  • Dubai – 40,000 miles in Business
  • Hong Kong – 70,000 miles in Business
  • Johannesburg – 55,000 miles in Business
  • Shanghai – 70,000 miles in Business

You can find the full list by clicking here and setting your country of departure appropriately.

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