Receive a Huge Rebate on Marriott Stays

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If you collect American Airlines miles (for those amazing Etihad redemptions) and also stay at Marriott hotels, I am sure that this limited-time offer will interest you…

Many readers will be familiar with cashback websites such as Topcashback and Quidco. You might also be familiar with the e-stores offered by Avios and Virgin Atlantic Flying Club. Not all hotel chains pay affiliate marketing commissions – the commission that gets paid back out to you as cashback or miles – but Marriott does…

For a limited time only (for how long I don’t know! Edit: it looks like it’s already gone 🙁 ), the American Airlines AAdvantage shopping portal is offering 10 miles per US dollar spent with Marriott hotels.

A conservative estimate of the value of an AA mile would be 1.5 US cents, a more aggressive one would be 2 cents. This means that you would receive a 15-20% rebate on your hotel stays, as long as you collect and value AA miles.

As always, you don’t miss out on anything by visiting the Marriott website via the AA shopping portal. You still receive your points, status credit / benefits, etc. So once you start stacking the various promotions and standard earning, you can easily arrive at a 30-40% rebate!

So, if you have any existing, flexible reservations with Marriott, you might want to cancel and rebook via the AA shopping portal. Or, if you have been contemplating a Marriott stay, you might want to book it ASAP.  You don’t have to prepay or anything; you simply must book whilst the AA website is showing the 10 mile rate. Your stay can be well into the future, although you won’t receive your AA miles until well after check-out.

I probably wouldn’t start collecting AA miles as a result of this promotion, but if you are building up your AA miles balance towards an Etihad First Class reward to/from the UAE/India/Maldives/etc., then this is a quick and easy way to pick up thousands of miles…


  1. Mike says

    Hmm… Interesting.

    I also have a £100 off £500 AMEX offer for Marriott and a ‘Stay 3 times get 22,500 bonus bonvoy points’ targeted offer as well.

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