Bag 3,000 Bonus American Express Membership Rewards Points for Adding a FREE Supplementary Cardholder

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Given the recent (very bad!) Amex news, it almost feels too soon to share a positive story. On the other hand, American Express Membership Reward Points are arguably more valuable than ever, given how much harder it is going to be to accrue them in future, so  here you go…

For a long time, Amex has given Gold cardholders 3,000 bonus Membership Rewards Points when they add a supplementary cardholder. The interesting thing about this offer is that sometimes it’s quite heavily advertised and sometimes there’s no fanfare at all. Regardless, all the Gold cardholders I know who have added a supplementary cardholder to their account over the last few years have had 3,000 bonus points added to their account – irrespective of whether they saw an advert indicating the bonus or not.

Right now (post the recent sign up bonus changes), when I click through to the offers on my Gold card account, I see the following being advertised:

Similar adverts aren’t uncommon, but what prompted me to write this post was hearing from a variety of sources in the last few days, that the 3,000 bonus points are still currently being added automatically, regardless of whether the offer is actively shown on a particular account or not.

Bottom line

There is a huge amount of uncertainty around what will happen as regards Amex referral bonuses (etc) in the next few weeks. Therefore, grabbing 3,000 points worth of low-hanging fruit whilst you still can seems like a pretty good idea to me.


  1. TheSkintTraveller says

    Great reminder Joe. Got the wife to finally sign up for the Gold Card this weekend, instantly accepted. 4k avios for me, 22k for her and now an additional 3k, what a start…

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