Have You Been Offered a Free Night or Bonus Points by Marriott?

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Marriott Rewards (soon to be Bonvoy!) is sending out targeted bonus offers to members, including things like free night certificates, bonus points and elite status credits. There seems to be a wide range of different offers, but they are all essentially variations of ‘complete x paid stays within a set period and get bonus x’.

If you are a former SPG member, you might well remember similar offers cropping up there over the years, which makes sense as the integration of Marriott Rewards and SPG is now almost (if very imperfectly) complete.

Assuming Marriott are following the SPG model when it comes to these promos, I would expect about a quarter of readers to have been targeted this time, with the others receiving their offers at different points in the year. I do, however, admit that that is a pretty big assumption given the IT issues Marriott has had, even if the intention is there.

If you have been targeted, you should have received an email about it by now, but it’s also worth checking the ‘Promotion Central’ page of your Marriott account too just in case.

I’m afraid I can’t share my own offer as I’ve got a big fat nothing this time, but hopefully some of you have received something more interesting!

Hat-tip: LL

Let us know in the comments if you’ve received an offer – is it enough to make you book with Marriott?


  1. Sharat says


    Get double Elite Night Credits – that’s one Elite Night Credit plus one additional Elite Night Credit for all your eligible nights.

    This is what I have been offered!

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