Quidco Has Another £2.50 Offer Running Today

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Recently I wrote about why you might want to pay attention when cashback websites offer you “free money”.

Quidco is back with another £2.50 bonus offer on a minimum spend of £2.50.  You have until 6p.m. today and you must opt-in by clicking here.

All retailers are eligible, with the exception of Ebay. As usual, you need to be wary of retailers who pay cashback excluding VAT, which might lower your purchase amount to below the minimum required. But as long as you are buying something that you need to buy anyhow, Quidco is offering you free money yet again…

What are your best ideas for spending just over £2.50?


  1. Steve says

    Buying a couple of books from Music Magpie would be my suggestion.

    I ordered two books as part of their £2.79 for two collection following Friday’s offer. Just arrived this morning – Quidco status is Bonus Pending.


  2. Steve says

    ^^ plus your order is eligible for the standard 6% cashback too. in theory, the cost of the two books is: –

    £2.79 – (£2.50 + (0.06 x £2.79)) = £0.12

    The £2.79 books do seem to have gone from the website now though. There is plenty of 2 for £3 offers on books, music and films though, so should be enough choice for every taste. They’d cost £0.32 in theory…


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