Double CashPoints with Norwegian Reward when Booking Hotels this Week

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Norwegian Reward has launched a campaign where you can earn double CashPoints on all hotel bookings. There are more than 400,000 hotels to choose from around the world.


The offer of double CashPoints when booking hotels lasts until Monday (24th September 2018), but you can travel at any time. Norwegian Hotels usually offers 5% CashPoints, which means you get 10% back in the promotional period. Click here to go to the hotel search .

How to earn…

To earn CashPoints on your hotel bookings, simply input your Reward number on the booking page before confirming your booking.

The number of CashPoints shown when making your booking is an estimate based on the exchange rate at the time of booking. The exact amount of CashPoints you earn depends on the exchange rate when checking out of your hotel.

CashPoints will be transferred to your account within 6 weeks of the checkout date.

Check into unique hotels

Want to try something new and different? The Norwegian Reward Blog has a good overview of unique hotels you should check out if you want your hotel experience to be more than just a bed to sleep in for the night (note that it’s the Norwegian language version of the blog, so use Google translate!). Why not stay at the top of a harbor crane, a retired jumbo jet or a rebuilt jail on your next trip?

Jumbo Stay
Hotel Jumbo Stay. Photo: Jumbo Stay

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