Buy United Miles with a 100% Bonus

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Until 6 September, United Airlines is selling Miles for its MileagePlus scheme with a 100% bonus.

You can buy up to a maximum of 75,000 Miles (plus bonus). The bonus you receive depends on the number of Miles you purchase:

Buy 5,000 – 14,000 Miles | Get a 30% bonus
Buy 15,000 – 29,000 Miles | Get a 70% bonus
Buy 30,000 – 44,000 Miles | Get a 85% bonus
Buy 45,000 – 75,000 Miles | Get a 100% bonus

The 100% bonus applies when you purchase at least 45,000 Miles:

The 100% bonus means that you are effectively buying United Miles at a rate of approximately 1.4p each.

You can learn more on the promo page here.

Good deal?

Purchasing United Miles at this rate is not a bargain – but it can make sense, especially because United Miles are hard to pick up in the UK ( though you could of course always top up your United account via a transfer from Marriott…). Joe published an excellent series on United’s extremely valuable ‘Excursionist’ redemption perk last year. Click here for part 1, part 2, and part 3.

If you are after a cheapish long-haul first class experience, you could also redeem 65,000 United miles plus approx. 95 GBP in taxes for a one-way Lufthansa First Class flight to Central Asia which, in the United scheme includes India and the Maldives. In the current sale, you could purchase 66,600 miles (36,000 + 30,600 bonus) for 1042.94 GBP… Whilst not an outright bargain, it is definitely cheaper than buying a cash ticket from London to Delhi for instance, which Lufthansa is currently selling for some 2,000 GBP each way (assuming of course you buy a return flight).

What’s your favourite United redemption?


  • Promotional offer valid until 11:59 p.m. CT on September 6, 2018

  • Miles are available in increments of 1,000 up to a maximum of 75,000 miles.

  • Bonuses will be calculated on a per transaction basis only. The bonus amount applicable to a transaction is shown in the chart. Transactions may not be aggregated to calculate the bonus.

  • Bonus Miles will generally be credited to the recipient’s MileagePlus account when the transaction is complete; provided that certain transactions may take up to 48 hours.

  • Bonus miles count towards the 150,000 mile annual limit per account.

  • Purchase up to 150,000 miles per account per calendar year.

  • Credit card will be billed immediately upon purchase.

  • Mileage rates and other fees and offer terms are subject to change.

  • Pricing is only available for purchases made through

  • Miles are nonrefundable.

  • Purchased miles do not count toward MileagePlus Premier® status.

  • All MileagePlus Program Rules and terms and conditions apply.

  • GST/HST is charged to Canadian residents.

  • Powered by Points to purchase United MileagePlus miles. Transaction will appear as ‘Points United Miles’.


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