Get Hilton Honors Gold Status After Just 2 Stays

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Hilton Honors frequently runs a range of targeted bonuses offering bonus Points or elite status short cuts. Occasionally you can benefit from these even if you didn’t receive (or notice) an email telling you about them. I don’t normally bother flagging these offers due to their targeted nature, but the possibility of gaining Hilton Honors Gold status after just 2 stays seems worth sharing – even if the vast majority of readers are unlikely to be able to take advantage. Also, even if you’re not targeted, there’s another option for getting Gold status after 4 stays which you might be interested in.

Hilton Honors Gold status after 2 stays

To see if your account is eligible for the offer, just head to this page here and enter your details. If you are eligible, note that the 2 stays have to be paid stays (Points stays won’t count), but you will have until the end of 2018 to complete them.

Hilton Honors Gold status after 4 stays

I wrote recently about how you can use a status match to get Hilton Diamond status after 8 stays, but you can opt for Gold instead, with just 4 stays, if preferred.

The process of requesting a status challenge is simple. You must fill in the online form with your first name, last name, email address, HHonors account number, and the status you’re hoping to match. You must also upload proof of your competing status, as well as proof of a stay within the past 12 months with that hotel chain.

Once matched, you are granted temporary status for 90 days and need to complete your stays within that period to keep your status until 31st March 2020. The 90 day restriction isn’t too challenging if you just need 4 stays (rather than the 8 required for Diamond) and a key advantage is that award stays do count.

Hilton Garden Inn Istanbul Ataturk Airport

I’m currently in the middle of my own Honors status challenge and last week had 2 stays at the Hilton Garden Inn Istanbul Ataturk Airport, which is truly remarkable value at just 5,000 Points per night (which can be bought for ~£20). If you have the chance to fit what used to be called Category 1 and 2 hotels (5,000-10,000 Points per night) into your travel plans, it’s possible to complete the Gold status challenge extremely economically.

Bottom line

We’ve written many times about the excellent benefits of Hilton Honors Gold status. Being able to keep it until the end of March 2020 for completing 2-4 stays, really is a superb deal!


  1. Andrew H says

    Two day offer –

    Oops! We’ve encountered a problem.
    Our online registration isn’t working at the moment.
    Please check back later or contact
    Hilton Reservations and Customer Care for assistance.

    • Joe Deeney says

      Hi 7wood,

      I believe so – I was Gold and matched to Diamond, but haven’t quite worked out how I’ll hit the 8 stays yet. I’ve done 4 already though and would certainly expect to keep Gold now until March 2020. I haven’t checked the terms in detail though – just seems logical based on the email they sent when I matched.

    • Craig Sowerby says

      It will possibly work.

      But it makes more sense to attempt it in early 2019 (either the 2 or 4 stay version). That way – before you actually lose your Gold in March 2019 – you re-qualify for all of 2019 and 2020 without spending any time benefit-less…

  2. usman fatiq says

    i had the same problem encountered as andrew.
    thank you joe for publishing fantastic article. if this does not work i will try 4 night stays

    • Joe Deeney says

      Cheers Usman! They might have stopped the 2 night offer, or that might just be the automatic response they’re using for accounts that aren’t eligible. If you can squeeze in some 5,000-10,000 per night Points stays, the 4 night offer is arguably just as good if not better than the 2 night one because Points stays count.

  3. Kyle says

    Hmmm, it appears to state in the fine print that you need to have received a promotional email about the 2 days offer to be able to sign up for it. Maybe this is why it’s not working for many people (myself included)?

    • Joe Deeney says

      Yeah, it’s a good place – only about a fiver and 15 mins in a taxi from the airport. There’s a shuttle every couple of hours as well I think, which isn’t hugely convenient unless you time it just right, but the option is there.

      That said , when I arrived the first night about 23:30 they were completely fully booked. I’d checked in using the app already so there was no problem getting my room, but both the kettle and the tv remote control were missing – having clearly been pilfered to replace defective items in other rooms earlier in the day. I wouldn’t really mind, but when someone says they’re going to bring me a kettle and then don’t, it is mildly irritating at that time of the evening. The duty manager did make me a cup of tea and comp me a big bottle of water and a snack, so fine really – I certainly wasn’t going to complain having only paid 5k Points!

  4. CC says

    I just registered for the 2 stay offer all fine. Im currently on silver and I dont recall getting an email about it but have taken a screen shot just in case. Will probably end up staying at a Hilton more than twice before end of year anyway so nothing to lose.

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